Jerry From 'Cheer' Mat-Talks People On Their Way To Work

by Madison Vanderberg
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Jerry from Cheer “mat talks” employees on their way into work

Cheer on Netflix is the best docuseries ever. Full stop. The show follows the cheer team at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas as they prep for their biggest competition of the year, and while the show highlights the team’s impressive gymnastic stunts, there is one cast member in particular who makes the show so watchable. His name is Jerry and he is the ultimate hype man. Jerry’s enthusiastic “yass’ing” and “you got its!” are so infectious that Netflix recruited him to cheer on their employees as they arrived at work. In other words, Jerry “mat talks” Netflix employees arriving to work.

Okay but for the uninitiated, what is “mat talk?”

On Cheer, everyone is obsessed with “making mat,” which is how the team refers to the act of picking the 20 cheerleaders out of a team of 40 that will actually go on to compete. So when you’re “on mat” it’s a big deal, and you need all the encouragement you can get. Hence, the need for “mat talk.” As Jerry explained to Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week, “mat talk” is “basically just giving encouragement to anybody that’s on the floor with you and just letting them know that there’s somebody looking out for you… that you’re not alone on the floor.”

Mat talk is words of wisdom, screamed at you. And it’s awesome.


So when Jerry was asked to “mat talk” a bunch of employees as they headed in to work, it sounded something like: “I love your hair! I love your shoes! Your jewelry looks amazing! You are beautiful! Good morning guys, welcome to work!”

We are dying at a cheerleader outside an office building screaming, “Welcome to work!”


The thing that makes Jerry so delightful and compelling to watch is that he’s the hardest-working member on the team and yet, he struggled to make mat. At one point, the coach temporarily put him on mat to prove to another cheerleader how replaceable he is. The next day, the coach kicked Jerry out and reinstated the original cheerleader. It was cruel, to put it mildly. At the very least, Jerry has become something of a professional “mat talker.”


Jerry is still in college at the moment, but when that kid graduates, someone give him a damn talk show.

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