Jimmy Fallon's Daughters Make Their Acting Debut In Adorable Holiday Ad

by Christina Marfice

Jimmy Fallon just released an adorable holiday commercial for Frito-Lay, featuring a sweet cameo from his two daughters

As Mariah Carey has decreed, the holiday season is officially upon us. The most wonderful time of the year is here, complete with all the feel-good music and holiday ads that we can never seem to get enough of each November and December. One of those is the new ad for Frito-Lay that Jimmy Fallon just starred in, complete with a sweet and unexpected cameo: His whole family got involved, including his two daughters.

In the sweet and hilarious commercial, Fallon sings his own version of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” as he greets family visiting for the holidays, struggles to wrap gifts, slides gleefully down a banister, has a snowball fight, and faces other #relatable holiday challenges — all smoothed over by some Frito-Lay snacks, of course.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and not just because @fritolay let me eat all the chips I wanted while shooting their holiday spot,” Fallon joked in an Instagram post about the ad.

Fallon’s daughters, 8-year-old Winnie and 6-year-old Frannie, make an appearance toward the end of the two-minute spot, snuggled up on a big chair with their dad, next to a lit-up Christmas tree and a roaring fireplace, reading a holiday story (with a bowl of Doritos within arm’s reach). The commercial is part of the “Share More Joy” campaign, and it certainly does that — reminding us that even through some of the struggles that can come with the holidays, the most important thing is spending time with loved ones and making memories together, whether that happens over a big bowl of chips or not.

Fallon’s wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, also makes a handful of appearances throughout the ad. In an interview with the Today show, Fallon said he wasn’t sure she would participate because she’s “camera shy.” But when he approached her with the idea, she quickly gave in, saying, “It’s the holidays. The kids would love it.”

Fallon also said his daughters had “the best time” on set.

“My kids aren’t actor kids,” he said. “But they did a great job. They were so good and well-behaved and fell asleep. And then, obviously, they’re the cutest. I love them.”

Well if that doesn’t just fill you with the warm and fuzzy feelings the holiday season demands, you might need to visit the Grinch to learn how to grow your heart a few sizes.

While this was Winnie and Frannie’s official acting debut, it’s not the first time they’ve been on-screen. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Fallon was producing the Tonight Show from home, his girls made frequent appearances — often interrupting their dad at work.

At least this time, the girls’ on-screen appearance was planned — and just as cute, but decidedly less chaotic.