Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Recreate the Butt Grab From 'Jenny From The Block'

by Erica Gerald Mason
Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Rumors got her laughing, kid – Jenny’s back on the yacht

Never, ever doubt Jennifer Lopez’s generosity and kindness. For her 52nd birthday, our lady of the perfect perpetual pout decided to gift her fans with the ultimate gesture of goodness: she and her boyfriend Ben Affleck blessed fans with a recreation of the famous butt grab from her Jenny From The Block video.

You know the one.

The one on the yacht. With Jennifer lounging gracefully — unbothered and unencumbered by clothes in a bikini. Her legs rest against her paramour, Ben Affleck. His gaze rests on Lopez (where it should be) and his palm rests on her bum.

That pic.

Saint Jennifer, in her loving benevolence, knew we’ve had one heck of a year. Coronavirus. The January insurrection. Wildfires started by dumb as hell gender reveals. The Delta variant. Unprecedented heatwaves. Alex Rodriguez and Lopez’s relationship couldn’t withstand the pandemic. It’s been a lot.

Our lovely lady gave the gift of nostalgia and hope all wrapped up in one. An ass grab for the ages, if you will.

The snapshots are enough to chase the Monday morning blues all the way to Thursday afternoon.

It’s not an understatement to say that Twitter is aflutter.

Although other people took a look at Jennifer and decided a lifestyle change was in order.

Let’s set up the timeline. We all knew Bennifer was on again. Then the couple showed up in Leah Remini’s (Lopez’s bestie) birthday party video.

It was good, but it wasn’t enough.

And then the photos on Lopez’s actual birthday.

A carousel of Mediterreanean fun — with a smooch (saved for the very last slide). Note how Ben is leaning all the way in. It DOES seem like he’s all the way in, no? It’s as if he realizes that this is his second chance — and if they don’t last it will deffo be because of him, not her.

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

The couple snuggled at a nightclub as Jenny From The Block played in the background. The two got cozy in a booth as they sang along.

As they were surrounded by friends and fans, including some who shared videos from the party on Instagram, they were not shy about showing PDA.

It would have been enough, of course. But Jennifer “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” Lopez is never enough. She’s always been the most — which is why we love her. It’s as if she looked up in the sky and said, let’s make the sun shine a little bit brighter.

And so the sun shone brighter. Just for Jennifer. Fans swooned.

As we caught our collective breath, Jennifer played with our emotions the way a kitten plays with a ball of string. She wore a necklace with the word “Ben.”

Lord help us.