People Slam JLo & Shakira For Being Too Sexy During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

by Valerie Williams
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The pearl-clutchers are out in force to criticize Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for their outfits and dance moves during last night’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Another day, another internet explosion over a woman daring to own her sexuality — or two women, as is the case with the uproar over last night’s Super Bowl Halftime Show starring the insanely talented duo of Fountain of Youth founder Jennifer Lopez and co-founder Shakira.

First, let’s talk about how absolutely jaw-droppingly good the show was. JLo, age freaking 50, and Shakira, 43, straight up killed it.

Like, if I looked and sounded like this at 25 let alone 50, I’d never stop wearing bikini-type outfits and singing and dancing for anyone who would listen. They’re goddesses, full stop.

However, not everyone was feeling their performance — or attire. If you’re ready to roll your eyes all the way into the back of your skull, let’s take a journey, shall we? A pair of stunning women, both over age 40, took their world-renowned dancing and performing skills to the biggest stage of all — the Super Bowl Halftime Show. But naturally, a bunch of folks with their panties in a permanently tight wad could only think to comment on their outfits, or perceived lack thereof. And their “stripper” dance moves which honestly look not a whole lot different than the routines performed by NFL cheerleaders on a weekly basis that no one seems to mind their young sons watching, but I digress.

LOL. Something tells us JLo and Shakira dance to please no one but themselves. Sit down.


So, it might be a good time to do a little throwback to last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring an extremely shirtless Adam Levine that I don’t recall any internet controversy over. Huh. Interesting.

And sorry, not sorry, if our asses looked like this, we’d be hopping out the car at school pick-up to perform this exact move every damn day.

One more time for the cheap seats — THEY ARE 43 AND 50 YEARS OLD RESPECTIVELY.

Also? Like I said, this happens every single week during football season. The NFL has never promised to be a bastion of chaste, family-friendly entertainment. Talented women in sexy outfits performing for the crowd is kind of their brand. Why everyone’s in a tizzy now is beyond me.


Luckily, we’re pretty confident these two badass, gorgeous, talented women don’t have a single care. Keep on rocking ladies, and please, for the love, share your skincare routines.

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