JoJo Siwa And GF Kylie Prew Just Made The Cutest Debut

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jojo siwa kylie prew movie red carpet couple photos
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JoJo Siwa and girlfriend Kylie Prew were the epitome of young and in love on the red carpet for the premiere Siwa’s movie The J Team.

Is there any moment of JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew’s relationship that doesn’t make us grin from ear to ear? The massively popular kids’ pop star came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community in January, and since then has shared joyful moments — like when she first realized she was in love with her girlfriend.

She’s also been candid about the darker moments she’s experienced since coming out, including receiving hateful comments and DMs.

Still, haters be damned, because this girl is in love, and not afraid to show it. The bright and bubbly lovebirds looked nothing short of infatuated as they posed at the red carpet event in Pasadena, CA.

We can definitely feel that love radiating from these premiere pictures alone.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but it is. Siwa and Prew aren’t hiding away from the world. And as such a hugely influential kids’ YouTube and pop star, we can only imagine how many kids she is helping feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?

It’s also pretty impressive that the 18-year-old is also executive producing the film, which is about a dancer who gets kicked out of her dance troupe and rediscovers herself in the process. Siwa’s always unabashedly been herself and creates content that encourages kids to do the same, so yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

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Young love FTW.

In a world that has so many overwhelming issues, it’s nice to see a bright spot of pure joy and happiness. Seriously, this makes our hearts smile. “Kylie for me gives me something that I never had before, and that is just somebody who understands me more than I understand myself… she just gives me love, obviously, and she just shows me what it’s like to be genuinely, unconditionally loved,” Siwa gushed on ExtraTV a couple weeks before the film’s premiere. Please pass the tissues, tysm.

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Siwa and Prew were friends before they started dating, which Siwa says definitely helped strengthen their relationship. After all, what relationship isn’t built on the solid foundation of friendship? Prew captioned an Instagram post agreeing with the sentiment, saying “fall in love with your best friend, guys, it’s THE BEST feeling in the entire world.” Bawwww.

Siwa also acknowledged that while she “shares everything” with the world, that is a life she chose, not Prew, which is why she waited until Prew was comfortable before making their relationship IG official. Um, that seems like great relationship advice for anyone, no matter who you’re dating.

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