Fans Are Loving Josh Gad And Luke Evans' Disney Singalong Performance

by Cassandra Stone
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Luke Evans And Josh Gad Nailed 'Gaston' During Disney Singalong

The Disney Singalong aired last night and fans are loving Josh Gad and Luke Evans

Gaston and LeFou FOREVER, amiright? The Disney Family Singalong aired last night to bring some joy into the homes of quarantined families everywhere, and boy did it do just that. Particularly the duet performed by Josh Gad and Luke Evans, reprising their beloved Beauty and the Beast roles for the event.

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Legendary Disney composer Alan Menken even joined the duo for their performance, which was, as far as family singalongs go, LIT AF. Evans and Gad showed off their perfect pair of pipes (this Author will not apologize for over-alliteration, thank you) in their homes, totally sans professional equipment or enhancements outside of their own voices. To say their talent is staggering is an understatement.

Ryan Seacrest hosted the one-hour special, because he’s The Only Host Available For Anything Ever (yes, he’s also very good). Because of social distancing, the singalong was put together with several solo performances of celebrities in their homes.

“If there’s something that we’ve all learned in the past few weeks, it’s to cherish every moment and the importance of connection, whether through laughter, stories, or music,” ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke said in a statement. “We hope that we can help create some new unforgettable moments in the only way that Disney can.”

And as a parent who watched with their Disney-obsessed preschooler, I can say it very much delivered. We let her stay up a little later than usual and she was into it. Which was nice for all of us, since finding something to look forward to each day grows more difficult during these stressful (and often boring) times.

Fans everywhere loved it, especially when Evans and Gad teamed up to belt out “Gaston” via split-screen.

The show, while providing families everywhere with a legit evening event last night, also raised awareness about Feeding America, an organization fighting to feed individuals who “are finding themselves in unfamiliar circumstances and facing hunger for the first time due to COVID-19.”

If you’re jonesing for some more Gaston and LeFou content, you’re in luck! We haven’t seen the last of Gad and Evans teaming up together. A Beauty and the Beast prequel series is in the works at Disney+, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The dynamic duo will reprise their roles for a limited, six-episode series.

YES PLEASE. We want — nay, need — this right now.

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