11 Untamed Jungle Coloring Pages For Your Little Wildlings

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jungle coloring pages
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Remember being a kid and dreaming of an adventure in a jungle somewhere? Every outdoor activity was a wild excursion. Maybe you swung from precariously tied rope swings into questionable bodies of water. Or perhaps you collected leaves, pretty flowers, and grass clippings to stir into a “stew” while camping out under your swing set, which you pretended was a giant tree. The days of hiding from neighborhood cats like they’re leopards may be over for you, but your kiddo is only beginning to scratch the surface of imaginative play. Ready to inspire them? These jungle coloring pages are a good start.

Coloring activities may not seem like something that should inspire imagination. After all, coloring does more to teach self-regulation and patience. But with each set of coloring pages — whether they’re sweet house coloring pages or powerful rocket coloring pages, or, yes, even the jungle — your little one learns more about that subject, expanding their perspective. So, when their mind wanders, they’ll have new favorite topics to fuel their creativity.

And if they’re really into jungle adventures right now? These jungle coloring pages come with a ton of cool jungle facts. We recommend following them up with some free printables about jungle animals, like our gorilla coloring pages, monkey coloring pages, butterfly coloring pages, tiger coloring pages, frog coloring pages, and snake coloring pages.

Free Printable Jungle Coloring Pages

Jungle Page No. 1

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Jungles and rainforests often get depicted as pretty much the same thing, but there are significant differences between the two. For example, rainforests typically have a much denser canopy of trees that’s practically impenetrable for the sun, so the ground stays barren.

Jungle Page No. 2

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Jungles, on the other hand, are thinner up high. This allows the sun to reach the ground and helps things grow lush and wild around the trees. In other words, a jungle is like a rainforest — if you flipped it upside down!

Jungle Page No. 3

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Of course, the term “jungle” isn’t actually a scientific term. Instead, “jungle” is used as a descriptor to describe any place that’s overgrown and impenetrable. It could be a lush forest… or your bedroom!

Jungle Page No. 4

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What do you think of when you hear “king of the jungle?” Probably lions, right? Strangely enough, lions don’t live in the jungle! You can find other big cats there, though, like tigers and jaguars.

Jungle Page No. 5

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Big cats aren’t the jungle’s only inhabitants. In this habitat, you can also find certain elephants, monkeys, and various reptiles.

Jungle Page No. 6

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As a matter of fact, there’s not much you won’t find in the jungle. Roughly half of all Earth’s plant and animal species can be found in a jungle.

Jungle Page No. 7

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Jungles typically exist where it’s hot, so they’re often near the equator. Specifically, South and Central America hold most of Earth’s jungles. The jungle is truly a magical place! It is home to over 1,300 bird species and 40,000 types of plants.

Jungle Page No. 8

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While it’s easy to read (or watch!) The Jungle Book or Tarzan and think they might depict the same area or even the same boy, they’re set in two very different places. The jungles of India inspired Kipling to write The Jungle Book, while the West African jungles inspired Burroughs’ home of Tarzan.

Jungle Page No. 9

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Want to see a jungle in person? With a passport and some serious funds, you can set out on an adventure to see the “real thing.” For slightly less money and no passport necessary, you can see something similar right in North America by visiting one of the areas classified as “temperate rainforests.”

Jungle Page No. 10

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America is home to a smattering of temperate rainforests. This includes a large swath of the countryside from Alaska to Northern California along the western sides of their most mountainous areas. In addition, the southernmost part of the Appalachian mountains (in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia) is also considered a temperate rainforest. Finally, there’s also the tropical rainforest known as El Yunque in Puerto Rico, which is a commonwealth of the United States.

Jungle Page No. 11

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The jungle is filled with many wild things, but there’s also a lot of beauty in it. Exhibit A: The Hibiscus flower. This plant is more than just its looks. It has incredible health benefits and can help people with hypertension, poor digestion, liver disease, and even high cholesterol. But the uses of the Hibiscus flower doesn’t stop there. In China, they are known as the shoe flower because they can be used to polish shoes. How cool is that?

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