Video Of Kevin Hart Freaking Out Over Flying Insects Is So Relatable TBH

by Valerie Williams
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The Rock/Instagram

Kevin Hart lost his mind over a butterfly and honestly, we get it

The close friendship between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart is, in a word, entertaining. The pair are co-stars in the Jumanji franchise and have long delighted in mocking each other on social media. The latest post in this hilarious battle between buds features Hart positively losing his shit over… a butterfly?

Yup. The dude is not a fan of insects with wings, and man can some of us relate. Instead of letting his dear friend be a total wreck over a tiny thing with wings in relative privacy, Johnson decided to lovingly put Hart’s bug phobia on blast. We are so glad he did because holy smokes, it’s too funny. “Kevin Hart: scared to death of butterflies & grasshoppers,” he captions the video. Now get ready to go on a journey of feeling personally attacked if you happen to be like Hart — that is, fully unable to cope with the presence of any flying insect.

“You have to understand, @kevinhart4real suffers from a legit fear of bugs (especially when they fly) which is known as Entomophobia aka Insectophobia. This causes incredible distress and fear to Kev 😱 And makes me very happy 😃 And yes that grasshopper had some bad ass blue wings,” Johnson writes.

As his friend talks to the press about their upcoming movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, it’s quickly evident that Hart is… distracted. He’s staring up into the corner of a tent and looking like he’s ready to bolt. “I can’t. I don’t give a shit what it is, man. You know I don’t like shit like this!”

“Watch it go in my eye. Watch something bad happen,” he says as he gets out of his chair and the butterfly swirls playfully around Johnson, who is totally unfazed. “I can’t kill it cuz online, they’re gonna trash me,” Hart jokes.

The creature continues to dive-bomb all around his head while Johnson chuckles so hard his body is shaking. “Did you see what it expanded into?” Hart shrieks. “That shit turned into Captain America, did you see that? A fucking grass bat.” LOL.

My bug freak-outs are so legendary that when news started going around that my family and I were relocating from the northeast to the pretty deep south, the main reaction was “OMG, how will you deal with the bugs?” The answer? Very, very poorly. In addition to losing my shit at my daughter’s softball games when a southern-sized hornet comes near me, (a great way to make a first impression on a bunch of potential new mom friends, BTW) I have also called my husband in tears because a palmetto bug made its way into our living room. To say I have zero chill around bugs is putting it kindly.

So, Kevin’s hysterics are not only fully relatable — I think he’s actually holding up pretty well considering. Anything that flies is a big no from me, dawg. Glad to know I’m not alone.

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