Why I’m Proud Of My Kid Who Wears Underwear On His Head

Why I'm Proud Of My Kid Who Wears Underwear On His Head

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My guy only drinks juice from a green cup, sleeps with thirteen stuffed animals in his bed and oh ya has a habit of wearing his underwear in funny places. But hey, he’s proud to flaunt his big boy undies wherever he can, and I’m even prouder that he has the confidence to do so. My little dude marches to the beat of his own drum in everything he does, and I rest easy knowing that’s okay!

Every kid is different – from personality to development– and it’s perfectly normal. For my guy, he just got done potty training during the day, but is still wet at night. I know that nighttime wetting will eventually go away on its own, so until then we’ve got GoodNites NightTime Underwear helping him stay comfy and of course, confident all-night long.

From nighttime wetting to his hilarious dress up phase, I’m just going to roll with it all while it lasts. Sure, last week I brought a dinosaur boy wearing swimming goggles to a dentist appointment, but hey – that’s my kid.

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