The Best Toddler Underwear And Training Pants, According To Mom 2021

The Best Toddler Underwear For Those Potty Trained Tushies

May 7, 2021 Updated June 1, 2021

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Toddler underwear is a must-have during and after potty training. The transition from diapers to underwear can be a pretty grueling process for both kids and parents (if you’re currently going through it, bless you and stay strong, Mama), but getting your child excited about cute new undies is a great way to make potty training suck a little less.

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There’s obviously nothing cuter than a toddler tushie in undies, but aside from the cuteness factor, they also have to be comfortable and durable. Comfortable because, duh, kids. Durable because accidents are going to happen, so underwear that’ll withstand it all is key. (Although sometimes undies reach the point of no return and need to be tossed.)

If your toddler is still transitioning out of diapers, good Pull-Up alternatives are training pants, which are made of cotton and feel like regular underwear but have an absorbent lining to help catch leaks.

Since there are an overabundance of toddler underwear options on the internet, we narrowed them down to the cutest, coziest, and highest quality options for girls and boys to make your online shopping life a little easier.

Best Toddler Girl Underwear

Cadidi Dinos Soft Underwear 6-Pack

There’s a lot to love about this 6-pack of undies. First of all, they’re super soft and cozy, which is an important factor for picky toddlers. Also, there are sooo many design options to choose from — 30 to be exact. From unicorns to rainbows to ballerinas to mermaids to flowers, your child is going to want them all. They’re available in size 18-24 months through size 12.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

babyGap Hearts & Stripes Bikini Briefs 7-Pack

Can someone please convince GAP to make these in grown up sizes? Made of thick cotton, these undies  are soft and comfortable with the sweetest pink and grey heart and stripe designs. They come in sizes 2-3T and 4-5T. One reviewer wrote, “We have owned these underwear in different sizes because we love them! They are soft and wash well. The fit is nice and very true to size. We will continue to buy these as my daughter gets older. Highly recommend.”


Fruit of the Loom Toddler Girls' Tag-Free Cotton Underwear

Tagless underwear for kids is really the only option — unless you don’t mind hearing constant complaints about itchy undies. These come in either a 6-pack or a 12-pack with the option for hipster or briefs, and there are several fun designs and colors. They’re available in sizes 2-3T and 4-5T.

$10.74 AT AMAZON

Carter's Girls' Little Underwear 7-Pack

We LOVE days of the week underwear. Not only are they a fun way for little ones to learn the days of the week, but they also help them practice reading. This pack from Carter’s comes with a different color for each day, so if reading or letter recognition isn’t happening for your child yet, they can at least practice their colors. The packs are available in size 2-3T to 14.

$27.94 AT AMAZON

Disney "Frozen" Girls Panty Multipacks

If your kid is all Frozen II all the time, this is the underwear to get. They feature characters from the movie, and will likely make getting dressed a little more exciting/easier. The underwear is available in size 2-3T to 8 and comes in a 7-pack, 10-pack, Day of the Week 7-pack, and a 12-pack that comes in an advent calendar type of surprise pack. See? Underwear can be fun!

$16.79 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Boy Underwear

Fruit of the Loom Toddler Boys' Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom makes good underwear, and these adorable boxer briefs are no exception. Available in 6, 7, or 10-packs for sizes 2-3T and 4-5T, you have lots of different designs to choose from. One reviewer wrote, “I have now purchased 3 packs of these. They are literally the best, most affordable boxer briefs I’ve found for my 3-yo. They are light weight and super flexible. They are perfect for summer months and my active guy, giving him all the room he needs to move about without sweat build up.”


Simple Joys by Carter's Underwear 8-Pack

You have two design options with this 8-pack of briefs. They feature a comfortable elastic waistband and super soft, breathable cotton. These undies are available in sizes 2-3T to 8. One reviewer wrote, “This line has the best fit and is well made. The ones I bought my kid over a year ago are just as intact as the ones I bought recently. Seriously, not a single thread has unraveled nor has a single color faded. And my kid reports they are very comfortable.”

$19.90 AT AMAZON

City Threads Boys' Organic Cotton Briefs

If you have a kiddo with sensitive skin, this underwear made of 100% organic cotton is perfect. It’s soft, cozy, and comes in classic solid colors for size 18-24 months to 16. The undies are a little on the pricey side, but they’re durable, well-made, and overall very high quality. In other words, they should last beyond the normal wear and tear of most other undies.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

Hane's Tagless Day of the Week Boxer Briefs 7-Pack

These briefs are great for kids who prefer a looser and longer fit. They’re tagless and extra soft for maximum comfort. Each pair of undies features a different day of the week, perfect for letter practice and learning how to keep track of what day we’re on. Because, let’s be real, that’s even hard for grown ups. This 7-pack is available in sizes 2-3T and 4T.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Disney "Cars" Underwear Multipacks

Do you have a Disney Pixar Cars fanatic at home? These undies featuring Cars designs will become the go-to undies if so. Available in 18 months to size 8, they come in different multipacks, including both briefs and boxer briefs.

$17.72 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Training Underwear

Hanna Anderson Training Unders In Organic Cotton 5-Pack

When it’s time to transition from diapers to big kid underwear, this 5-pack is a great option. These trainers with super soft 4-ply knit construction are absorbent and keep kids as dry as possible. Plus, they’re organic, which is a huge bonus. They’re available in extra small and small and also come in designs for girls.


Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Training Pants

It’s important to remember that training pants aren’t as absorbent as a diaper. That’s the whole point. You want your child to feel the wetness so they learn when it’s time to use the potty. But these unisex training pants are cute, soft, AND absorbent. According to reviews, thanks to the liner, they can hold an entire bladder’s worth of pee without leakage. They come in sizes 12-18 months to 4T.


MooMoo Baby Cotton Training Pants 6-Pack

These are a great option for early potty trainers who need some extra absorbency in case of accidents. They won’t stay dry, but they’ll at least prevent puddles on the furniture or floor. These training pants are available in sizes 2T to 6 and also come in designs for girls.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

U0U Cotton Training Pants 4-Pack

These might be the absolute cutest training pants ever! Strawberries, you guys! The designs are so adorable, you might even forget how excruciating the potty training process has been. Maybe. These are available in several design options for sizes 2T to 4T.

$16.95 AT AMAZON

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