Parents Are Sharing Reasons Why Their Kids Had Meltdowns

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter/Tom Gatti

Parents flock to viral Twitter thread to share the ridiculous reasons their kids are having meltdowns

Little kids aren’t exactly known for having reasonable reactions to, well, anything. Pretty much from birth, kids can lose their ever-loving shit over practically nothing, which equals a ton of frustration for parents, but also, plenty of giggles. That’s what this hilarious viral Twitter thread full of whacky kid meltdown stories is proving.

Dad Tom Gatti started things off listing all the ridiculous reasons his three-year-old son was melting, and they’re all Extremely Toddler.

“Causes of 3-year-old’s meltdowns this morning: -Banana too small -Top of banana slightly squashed -Honey on porridge doesn’t sufficiently resemble ‘a swimming pool’ -Sister had her 1st wee before his 3rd -Doesn’t want scooter -Does want scooter -Something to do with sleeves,” he wrote.

I mean, all totally understandable, right? Squashed bananas are grounds for complete parental dismissal on their own let alone when combined with banana size gripes. Actually, bananas are a real big issue over in toddler-land.

And don’t even get me started on the horrors of sleeves. Also, pants can cause actual wars. At that age, my son once had a 20-minute, vein-in-the-forehead-bulging fit over having to wear shorts in blazing 90-degree summer heat and was furiously tugging them downward in the hopes that they’d grow into pants instead. In 90-degree heat. For some reason.

Like I said, little kids aren’t the most reasonable crowd — and the replies to Gatti’s original tweet truly drive that painful truth home.

Breakfast is clearly a big problem.

Food in general is a great source of angst overall. Apparently.

But nothing tops all the possible pitfalls of clothes. The stories about small humans crapping out entire litters of kittens over wardrobe malfunctions are endless. Like, if I ever have another kid, I will let them wear a pillowcase if it makes them happy. It’s just not worth the fight.

However, most meltdown moments happen over almost literally nothing, which means they’re impossible to predict — or prevent.

And it’s not just toddlers — babies can also be ornery little jerks in their own right, somehow, without being able to speak a single word. They’re talented like that.

Oh. And 12-year-olds. As the mom of an 11-year-old who spends hours of her day not speaking to me for reasons I don’t even always end up discovering, can wholeheartedly confirm.

The rough news? It seems the unreasonable fits and tantrums over nothing at all kind of last forever. The good news? Us parents have each other (and social media) to commiserate over it and help each other survive every ridiculous phase.

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