North West Calls Kim Kardashian 'Mean' For Saying Her Kids Won't Leave Her Alone

by Valerie Williams
North Calls Kim K 'Mean' For Saying Her Kids Won't Leave Her Alone
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is every mom who’s been locked up with her kids for weeks on end

Aside from their millions of dollars, quarantine seems to be a parenting equalizer between regular folks and the rich and famous. It’s probable that most celeb parents don’t have nannies or help right now as those employees are likely sheltering in place with their own families, so even in a 10,000 square feet mega mansion, they’re still hanging with their kids 24/7 — and that’s not easy no matter how nice your home is. That includes Kim Kardashian West and her four kids, who she admits on a recent makeup tutorial vid “won’t leave me alone.” But don’t worry — North hilariously called her out for it.

Kardashian West did us a solid by sharing a video of her work-from-home makeup routine. If you want to look decent on Zoom calls for work this makes total sense, so hold off on the “who wears makeup from home” judging, K? While literally hiding from her fam in the guest bathroom (been there, sis) six-year-old daughter North comes poking around, because that’s what kids do.

First, the little girl comes in after Kim asks her if she’s working on her homeschool P.E. and yoga lessons. Can we all appreciate that North is every six-year-old with her hiked up PJ pants and hanging-out-at-home untamed locks? She is freaking adorable.

Then, Kim is continuing her brilliant makeup instruction when suddenly, she once again has a visitor.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

After we see North’s little hand appearing in the video, she asks, “Can I wash my hands?” Kim replies, “Can you do it in the other room? I don’t want to get this all wet, sweetie.”

North retreats as Kardashian West explains to her fans, “I’m hiding in the guest room, you guys. I’m hiding in the guest room because my kids will not leave me alone.” And then, North, who overheard from the other room, shouts, “hey, that’s mean!”

What mom on earth hasn’t played out a dialogue exactly like this at least 42 times in the last month?

“North, can I please just do my little tutorial? It’s all I want to do, is one little fun thing for myself,” Kim pleads in a tone we’re all painfully familiar with. This is the star at her most parenting-relatable. When you have kids, no amount of money and fame can help you escape for 10 minutes of peace and quiet.

Since beginning self-isolation, Kardashian West has largely been posting throwback pics (you know, to a time when we could all go places and see people) along with promoting her new shapewear line. But a few weeks ago, she asked fans for tips on keeping the kids busy while staying home 24/7.

While socially-distancing, celebs have become a bigger source of entertainment than ever, as we all literally have not much else going on. It’s also fun seeing these very real peaks into their lives without their usual cast of nannies, cooks, and stylists. No matter our status in life, every parent has some things in common — and one of them is definitely that we can’t get one damn minute to ourselves.