Supercut Of Kids Interrupting Zoom Meetings Will Give You Quarantine Flashbacks

by Madison Vanderberg

Kids interrupting their parents during at-home news broadcasts was the only good part of quarantine, so Jimmy Kimmel made a supercut

Thursday April 22, 2021 was bring your kid to work day, but seeing as most office dwellers are still working from home, bring your kid to work day is more like, uhh…invite your kid into the part of the living room you keep your laptop-day. Jimmy Kimmel said it best when he called 2021 “Bring Your Kid To Work Day” as “give your kids a juice box and an iPad so I can finish my damn Zoom meeting” day. To commemorate the slow end of the pandemic as people begin to return to their office jobs, Kimmel made a supercut of one of the only good parts of the last year: kids interrupting their parents during live at-home Zoom telecasts.

Throughout the year, videos of kids interrupting and walking into frame of Zoom screens as their parents discussed the election on MSNBC, tried to give a weather report, or discuss the pandemic on BBC, have gone viral. All over the world, reporters, pundits, and weather people tried their best to do their jobs from home via Zoom, but as long as those homes also contain kids, chaos ensued.

To celebrate the small joys in our Zoomed out lives, Kimmel shared the clips during his show, saying, “to honor their struggle, we put together a little montage of moms and dads trying to work from home.”

Supercut starts at the 1:30 mark.

The supercut includes pandemic gems like “teen son who walks in on his dad Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro talking to MSNBC about the election and promptly proceeds to walk slowly out of the room backwards.”


There was also, “Daughter who won’t get off the table during mom’s guided meditation practice,” which was a solid and underrated contestant.


And “son who tries to steal cereal during mom’s COVID news report” is another great one, if you missed it.


Not included in Kimmel’s supercut are other pandemic viral hits like this mom talking to The BBC about the COVID lockdowns in London while her daughter Scarlett flops around her lap, demanding to know who her mom was talking to.

Oh and there was also the dog who barked throughout a weatherman‘s entire at-home broadcast, because even child-free at-home reporters aren’t safe for Zoom disruptions.

Not gonna lie, as more people get vaccinated and news crews figure out how to do remote interview with full COVID protocols in place, I’m gonna miss these lo-fi at-home Zoom broadcasts, because you never know when you’re gonna get a random appearance from someone’s toddler or teen (or dog). Ohh quarantine memories.