Kinedu Is The Game-Changing App That Helps You Understand Your Baby’s Development

by Team Scary Mommy

Let’s start here: Babies are utterly adorable and perfect, and we love them.

But when you become a mom, you’ve got this tiny human, and it’s like, now what? Literally everyone tells you development milestones during the first few years of your baby’s life are critical, but sure, NO PRESSURE.

So you do your best to make sure they’re on track and find ways to help them grow and meet developmental goals. For a lot of us, that just means worrying nonstop — going down internet rabbit holes and hoping we’re doing it right.

This is no way to live, mamas!

That’s why we’re loving the Kinedu app. The app is filled with tons of play-based activities personalized to your baby’s needs that help your little one’s development and provides you with daily activity plans and tracks your baby’s unique milestones. It’s basically a user’s guide just for YOUR baby, and we’re loving it.

Here are four reasons Kinedu will seriously curb your anxiety googling and late-night panic sweats.

1. You’ll Never Have To Think ‘What Should I Be Doing With My Baby?’ Again

When I say “tons,” I mean you 👏 will 👏 never 👏 run 👏 out 👏 of quick activities you can access right from your phone. You’ll find a daily set of activities personalized for your baby and designed to develop their physical, cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional skills. We’re talking more than 1,600 creative and fun activity ideas and 450-plus articles to help you learn everything about your baby’s growth. Just spitballing here, but is anyone else feeling like they also need an app like this to figure out their own adulting milestones? Asking for a friend.

2. You’ll Be Able to Understand Everything About YOUR Baby

Let’s be honest: The typical milestones chart is really just a huge anxiety and self-doubt factory. What are you supposed to do if your child is excelling in some areas but struggling in others? Or if your child is premature? It’s easy to get caught up in the illusion that there are “hard stops” and that all babies have mastered a certain skill by a certain age. According to Dr. Michael Frank, a developmental psychologist at Stanford University, every baby is on their own timeline and skills develop in relation to other skills on a completely individualized schedule. Kinedu tracks your baby’s unique progress across several metrics, and once you find an area you’d like to focus on, you’ll receive detailed progress reports on those strengths and improvement areas.

Plus, the content is created by legit early childhood experts. So the next time your father-in-law puts on that judgey voice and asks, “Shouldn’t he be sitting up by now?” you’re ready. Just pull out your phone and lay down “Well, actually…” and show concrete evidence that your baby is right where they need to be. BAM!

3. Everyone That’s Important To Your Baby’s Life Can Find Activities

Sure, you’re a first-time mom, but you did NOT invent worrying. Chances are you have other family members who have the occasional concern about the best path forward to important developmental milestones. With the Kinedu app, you can add unlimited family members (or nannies and other caregivers) so that everyone in your baby’s life can find activities to help him or her grow.

4. You Can Even Kinedu One-Handed and Without Coffee

You can do most Kinedu activities with toys and other stuff you most likely already have in your home. The videos that explain each activity are short — seriously, like one to two minutes — so you won’t have to try to keep your baby busy while you figure out a nine-step infographic.

Kinedu is also accessible in the sense that when your Mom Brain™ literally can’t even process what a shoelace is, you can still tap into the app and find something to help your baby develop skills.

Look, despite what movies and TV would have you believe, parenting is not intuitive for everyone. And even for first-time moms who are pretty confident, it’s hard to fight the uncertainty and worry over whether we’re doing it all right. Sometimes we straight-up need help, or maybe just assurance that we’re giving our babies exactly what they need during these critical years. With Kinedu, you’ll keep panic to a minimum and be assured that you and your baby are right on track.

Kinedu is the hero app first-time moms have been waiting for. Find out why more than 2 million families trust Kinedu with their baby’s development here.

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