The Trailer For Kristen Wiig's New Comedy 'Barb & Star' Is Weird And Wonderful

by Madison Vanderberg
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Watch the trailer for Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo

If you can believe it, it’s been 10 years since Kristen Wiig gave us the iconic Bridesmaids. She co-wrote and starred in the beloved film and even though fans have asked for a Bridesmaids sequel for years, Wiig was secretly working on a Bridesmaids-adjacent project and the trailer for that movie is finally here. Based on characters that didn’t make it into Bridesmaids (more on that later), Kristen Wiig and her comedy partner Annie Mumolo wrote and star in the new comedy, Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar, and I can only describe the trailer for this movie as delightfully deranged.

Wiig and Mumolo star as two best friends and roommates, Barb and Star (which Wiig’s character says is short for “Starbara”), who go on a grand vacation to a fictional Florida-esque resort town called Vista Del Mar.

The trailer starts off like it’s the opening sequence of Stranger Things (yes, really) and then takes a hard left into the zany kind of comedy we’ve come to expect from Wiig.

The plot is unclear, other than the fact that Barb and Star, well, go on a vacation. Wiig and Mumolo plays the titular Barb and Star, who I can only describe as vaguely baby boomer-era ladies with short curly hair and indecipherable midwestern accents.


During the trip to Visa Del Mar they run into 50 Shades of Grey hottie Jamie Dornan, oh, and there also seems to be big song and dance numbers as well.

Wiig told People that the inspiration for the movie actually came during the writing process for Bridesmaids. Originally, Maya Rudolph’s character in the Bridesmaids had a mom and apparently, that mom character was supposed to be a lot like the ladies you now see in the trailer for Barb and Star.

“When we were writing Bridesmaids, we would go off on tangents when writing scenes between Lillian (Maya Rudolph’s character) and her mom…We would talk in those voices all the time and we couldn’t stop!” Wiig said. “None of those scenes made it in the movie because they had nothing to do with anything!”

As for the new movie, Wiig and Mumolo say it’s just “silly.”

“It definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Wiig and Mumolo told People. “We hope to make people laugh and have fun. That’s what it’s about!”

But if you’re wondering, okay, but HOW silly is it? Here’s a clip from the movie where they host a weekly “talking club” with a group of their gal pals and serve them “hot dog soup.”

Originally planned for a theatrical release, Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar will now premiere on all VOD platforms on February 12, 2021.

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