Kylie Jenner Shares Pic Of Fur Slippers After Posting About Animals In Australian Fires

by Christina Marfice
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Kylie Jenner/Instagram and Rich Fury/Getty

People are upset after Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts about animals dying in Australian fires followed by a pic of her fur slippers

As deadly and devastating wildfires rage in Australia, some news reports say that as many as half a billion animals have been killed so far. Celebrities are pledging their own money to help and asking their followers to donate, too… and then there’s Kylie Jenner, whose post about the subject was met with internet side-eye and criticism. Over the weekend, Jenner reposted her sister, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story, which was about how many animals have been killed by the bush fires. Along with the repost, Jenner wrote, “This breaks my heart.”

But around 12 hours later, she posted again to her stories — this time, the share was a photo of her new slippers. Her new fur slippers.

Right after saying she was upset by how many animals have been killed in Australia, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her real fur slippers. The internet is definitely raising a brow and needless to say, people are upset at the perceived hypocrisy. They took to social media to share those upset feelings.

No, they’re not faux fur, in case anyone was trying to find that out. Those are Louis Vuitton slippers that are made out of 100 percent real mink fur.

People are obviously having feelings about the posts.


Of course, it’s up to Kylie what she buys and wears, but since she shared it online, people are going to have (and share) their opinions, thoughts and feelings. This is, after all, the internet. The fires, however, are upsetting and horrifying to anyone who cares about the planet and its inhabitants, and even if she didn’t see the connection with sharing her fur slippers afterward, Jenner certainly isn’t alone in her despair over the awful situation in Australia.

If folks want to stop wearing fur, happily, there are plenty of ethical alternatives that look pretty stylish. Many of them are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. But before major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton stop using real fur, there needs to stop being a demand for real fur — which means people need to stop buying real fur products, wearing them, and promoting them on social media so other people are encouraged to buy them too. Fur lovers can show that they care about the planet and its creatures by leaving fur habits in the past where they belong.

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