Kylie Jenner's Daughter Whispers 'Patience' While Nailing 'Candy Challenge'

by Valerie Williams
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Kylie Jenner's Daughter Whispers 'Patience' While Nailing 'Candy Challenge'
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner shared video of Stormi adorably waiting to take candy from a bowl as part of a viral challenge

Did you wake up today thinking your heart would grow ten sizes or that you would spontaneously ovulate? Probably not, but either of those things are possible if you watch the ridiculously precious Stormi Webster adorably nailing the “candy challenge” Kylie Jenner set up for her.

Apparently this is an internet thing now — setting up a camera to catch what happens when you leave your little one alone with a bowl of candy and instruction to wait to partake until they’re told they can have some. Stormi was just the girl for the job when Jenner set a bowl of candy in front of the tot and left the room, telling her she could have three candies once mommy came back.


“You’re going to wait for mommy?” Kylie said. Stormi said yes and her momma walked away. It sounds like the little one is watching something on TV judging by the background noise. She settles on the couch and waits a few moments before briefly lunging forward, face poised above the bowl, clearly tempted. “Oooh! M&M’s,” she says.

But she still didn’t falter.

Then, she melted every heart in the land by quietly chanting, “Patience, patience, patience,” which might be part of a song she learned or maybe it’s just something her parents taught her to repeat to herself when the time comes to exercise a little restraint. Either way, her instincts are spot-on and Jenner and ex-partner Travis Scott are clearly nailing this whole parenting thing. Stormi is a better listener as a toddler than either of my tweens are now.

Jenner’s Instagram is a daily delight because Stormi is often featured. The obviously sweet-hearted little girl is featured often, and regular doses of toddler cuteness is exactly what we all need right now. Stormi content is good content, plain and simple.


When Jenner returns, Stormi absolutely explodes with joy, knowing she will get her reward. Kylie was obviously thrilled with her kiddo’s handling of the challenge posting the video with the caption, “Omg my BABYYY. I had to take part in this challenge.”

We are so glad she did.

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