13 Fun Games For Large Groups Kids: Outdoor Games For Children

13 Games For Large Groups Of Rowdy And Restless Kids

June 22, 2020 Updated June 29, 2020

Anna Samoylova/Unsplash

Trying to entertain a large group of kids can be rough. It’s hard to get them to agree on an activity and there’s often dissenters. Your best bet is to enter the challenge with a “game plan.” You most likely know you’re going to have to wrangle this massive group of kids in advance, right? So, go ahead and plan on playing one (or several) of these games for large groups. Speak with authority and ignore the haters. Most importantly, remember that if you’re having fun playing, they’ll have fun, too.

Amazingly Fun Games For Large Groups

1. Tug Of War

Hey. With a long enough rope, a limitless number of people can play. Now you have a chance to bellow, “Use your muscles!” Isn’t that why you had kids, anyway?

2. Capture The Flag

I don’t know about you, but all my favorite P.E. memories involve playing capture the flag. It’s loud and competitive. What more could a kid want?

3. Blind Man’s Bluff

This is a fun variation of tag where “it” wears a blindfold. It’s a little more challenging. In the right space, though, it’s not impossible.

4. Sharks and Minnows

In smaller groups, one person is the shark and everyone else is the minnow. As minnows cross from one side of the yard to the other, they must avoid being “eaten” (or tagged) by the shark. If they’re tagged, they become sharks, too. With bigger groups, it might be fun to start with a couple sharks.

5. Tag

You know how to play tag, right? Follow-up question: Does anyone actually enjoy being ‘It?”

6. Freeze Tag

Another variant of “tag” is freeze tag. In freeze tag, instead of immediately becoming “it,” you freeze when you’re tagged. You can only be unfrozen when someone else tags you.

7. Red Rover

Red rover, red rover, send Madison over!

8. Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is such a fun game and, as an added bonus, it’s great for teaching body control and listening skills.

9. Blob Tag

In case you can’t tell yet, we love tag! In this version, whenever “it” tags another player, they hook arms with that person and continue on together. Before you know it, there’s a long chain (or blob) or people chasing just one kid. It’s really funny to watch and even more fun to play.

10. Army/Navy

Army/Navy is all about memory, following instructions and not cheating. Depending on the command you call, kids from each team (Army and Navy) will race or crawl towards the opposite side of the field. There’s even a command for freezing and not moving at all. If you catch a kid moving when they’re not supposed to, you can either decide they’re out or send them back to the beginning.

11. Dodgeball

Playing dodgeball can feel a bit sketchy and cruel, especially if the kids don’t know each other and aren’t friends. If everyone gets along, though, dodgeball can be just another fun way to let off some steam with your friends.

12. Kickball

Remember kickball? It’s like baseball, but without the bat and with a much bigger ball! All you need are some shoes, cones or other markers to serve as the “bases” and you’re ready to play. Every grown-up has a childhood kickball memory. Now it’s time to help create your own child’s kickball memory.

13. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is superior to all over tag games. You heard it here first. This game is best (read: only) played in the dark. The gist is simple: Hide while “It” counts. “It” gets a flashlight. You’re safe to move around, run or stay in one place. If “It” shines their light on you, you’re out or that person become “it” and you start over. One way to keep this game going longer is to give each player a flashlight. As the original “it” finds more players, those players become additional members of the “it” party, capable of finding and tagging people, as well. The last person found is the first “it” in the new game.