Soon You Can Have A Sleepover At The Last Blockbuster On Earth

by Christina Marfice
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Soon You Can Have A Sleepover At The Last Blockbuster On Earth

The last remaining Blockbuster on the planet is being turned into an Airbnb straight out of every movie lover’s dreams

The rise of online streaming has almost completely killed a relic of all our childhoods: Video rental stores. But in the small town of Bend, Oregon, one last Blockbuster has managed to survive — in fact, it is literally the last Blockbuster on Earth. And in September, residents of Deschutes County, where Bend is located, can rent the store on Airbnb for the ultimate ’90s sleepover.

It all started with a tweet earlier this week.

“What’s Blockbuster doing tweeting?” we wondered. Well, it wasn’t long before it became clear with a couple of tweets from Airbnb.


This store is an actual, legit Blockbuster, where you can still go and rent movies, much to our 90s kid delight.


But what makes it even better is how it’s been decked out to be rented for sleepovers. With a pull-out couch, vintage lamps, and a giant entertainment center complete with a boxy TV and a VHS player, it’s the actual basement where you used to have sleepovers with your friends as a kid. The nostalgia is so strong we could weep.


Just look at the bedding on that pull-out couch. It’s serving us serious Taco Bell circa 1994 vibes and we are here for it.


Only one part of the store has been converted into a sleeping space, and the rest of it is still a fully functioning Blockbuster. That means all the shelves full of movies are there for you to marathon while you spend the night.


There’s also a fully stocked snack shelf with our favorite ’90s staples.


The best part? This entire Blockbuster Airbnb can be rented for just $4 a night.

“When you call dibs on this stay, you’re booking a night back in the 90s, but this time you won’t have to beg your parents to rent the latest horror flick–we’ll give you the keys to the entire store!’ the Blockbuster Airbnb listing reads.

Now for the bad news: The Blockbuster will only be available to rent for one of three nights in September. And if you live outside of Deschutes County, Oregon and want to nab one of these ultimate ’90s sleepovers, you’re out of luck for now. Because of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, bookings are limited to those who live nearby this time around.

We can only hope that in the post-pandemic future, more of us will have a chance to book this time capsule of an Airbnb and relive all our ’90s memories.

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