18 Things You’ll Need If You’re Always Running Late

by Team Scary Mommy
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I used to be a punctual person… then I had kids. Now we’re always late.

Even when we leave 20 minutes early, everything seems to go wrong when we’re in a hurry. One kid can’t find their shoes. Another kid can’t find a clean shirt. For some reason, my husband has to poop for 30 minutes.

It’s not that we don’t make an effort to be on time. We just get held back by life. And instead of feeling guilty about it, I just own it now: Yes, we will probably be late.

Here are some items you’ll want in your life if you’ve come to terms with constantly running behind:

“Worth The Wait” Hoodie

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This “Worth The Wait” Hoodie will let all the other PTA moms know how you roll, without you ever having to say a word.

“I Got Here” Mug

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An “I Got Here” Mug just might be the perfect mug to let everyone know you run on your own schedule.

“My Toddler” Decal

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This “My Toddler” Decal is relatable for anyone who’s had a fiercely independent toddler who makes everything take a lot longer than anticipated.

“Because Of Eyeliner” Notepad

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A “Because Of Eyeliner” Notepad will let people know that your perfect makeup game takes valuable time, and they can wait.

“I’m The Reason” Onesie

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This “I’m The Reason” Onesie is a must-have for anyone with babies, because they are usually to blame.

“My Dog Was Being Cute” Tee

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A “My Dog Was Being Cute” Tee is perfect for people who think their dogs are just furry kids. And it’s on sale for $12.99! (Originally $24.99.)

“My Cat Was Sitting On Me” Hoodie

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Or if you’re more of a cat person, this “My Cat Was Sitting On Me” Hoodie is also a great find.

“Whatever” Clock

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This “Whatever” Clock is perfect for any family who struggles with tardiness. (Pro tip: Set it 20 minutes early so you’re not near as behind as usual.)

“My Cardio” Mug

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A “My Cardio” Mug lets people know that running late is the only running you do.

“My Cardio” Tee

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This “My Cardio” Tee is great for the same reason. And it’s on sale for $16.99! (Originally $24.99.)

Funny Notepads

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These Funny Notepads are great for keeping your sense of humor when the rest of your life is a hot mess.

“I Don’t Even Believe” Sign

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An “I Don’t Even Believe” Sign is the perfect decor for anyone who might bend the truth about arrival times via text. (Spoiler: That’s all of us.)

“I Didn’t Want To Come” Tote

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This “I Didn’t Want To Come” Tote is a must-have for travel sports parents. And anyone else getting dragged to events they’d rather skip.

“I Didn’t Want To Come” Tee

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An “I Didn’t Want To Come” Tee is also great at saying it all, so you don’t have to. And it’s on sale for $18.49. (Originally $46.00.)

“Running Late Again” Socks

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These “Running Late Again” Socks are super cute, and are available in women’s sizes 5 through 10.

“Better Than Ugly” Mug

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A “Better Than Ugly” Mug is a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

“Better Than Ugly” Travel Mug

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While a “Better Than Ugly” Travel Mug is perfect for anyone with a sense of humor, who also needs to drink their coffee on the go because they’re late.

“I Hate Being Late” Tee

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This “I Hate Being Late” Tee sums up how we all feel about being late: We feel badly about it, but it’s also one of the things we’re best at.

No matter the reasons that you’re constantly late, at least you can always blame your kids. After all, that’s basically the reason we had them.

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