15+ Letter E Crafts And Activities For Your Very Own "Letter E Day"

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Whether you’re starting homeschooling, supplementing “remote learning” or simply helping your younger tyke get a leg up before they start school, you’re no doubt always looking for a way to entertain and educate. From coloring pages to coloring activities, we’re here to try to help. One awesome way to initiate learning into your day is with themed letter days (or weeks!). The idea is simple: Focus on one letter at a time and make your whole day about it. You can decorate with that letter. Watch shows or movies with that letter. Play games related to that letter. You can even create snacks from foods that start with that letter. Think of it as that last line on Sesame Street. “Brought to you by the letter E and the number…” It’s a great way to reiterate all of the ways you can pronounce a letter and help your kiddo along on reading and spelling.

Of course, not all letters are easy to fill a day with. E, for instance, might really stump you. It’s hard to think past elephants when you think about animals that start with E. And letter E foods? Once we thought of eggs, our minds completely stalled. Below, we’ve collected some ideas to help you fill your day. We have some great letter E crafts and activities, as well as a giant list of letter E things. Good luck and happy playing!

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Letter E Crafts

1. Letter E Cut Out Craft

Cut out a letter E that is as big as your piece of paper as possible. Or, if your kids are old enough to work with scissors, trace one and let them cut it out. Afterward, have fun with how you decorate. Grab a ton of googly eyes to glue on. Or use some paint and half of an Easter egg to stamp circles. Let them flip through some old issues of Highlights and let them collage their E with more E things. You could also simply let them decorate it however they please.

2. Elephant Puppet

Isn’t this guy a cutie? This is a fun, low-effort craft that even little kids can do with a bit of prep work from you.

3. Drawing E Things

Can your kid draw an elephant or the Empire State Building? It might help if you find some easy clipart or vector graphic type images of E things first, so they have some reference.

4. Egg Dyeing

Who says you can only dye eggs for Easter? If you or your little one are eating hard-boiled eggs all year anyway, dye some on your E day for a bit more lunchtime fun.

5. Egg Rolling Art

We already mentioned opening plastic eggs and using them as circle stamps. Another cool art project? Egg rolling!

6. E Coloring Pages

You could look for some patterned giant E letters to print and color. Or you could look for coloring pages for things like elephants, eagles, or Easter eggs.

7. Earth Paintings (plus earth facts)

Every day is Earth Day when you live on Earth, right? Pull out a globe or pictures of our blue planet, hand over the paint, and let your kiddos paint their own Earths. While they’re working, maybe share some cool, age-appropriate facts about our planet?

Letter E Activities

8. Egg relay

This activity is so fun and so cheap. All you need are eggs and spoons. You probably already have both, right?

9. Dig For Earthworms

Do we think this is gross? Yes. But, do we think your kids will freaking love it? Also, yes!

10. E-Themed Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are simple enough: A medium-sized bowl or plastic shoebox works. Start with a base substance. Rice and sand are the two most people use, but you could do anything from water to quinoa (though that would be expensive!) to scrambled eggs. Whatever you choose should take up about one-third to half of the container space. From there, you mix in items that fit your theme. Since your theme is the letter e, you could try for: eyes, plastic eggs, you elephants, or foam/magnetic letter E. Turn it over to your kiddos and let them feel around and find things. (If it seems too easy, consider adding a few other items and have them only remove things that are the right letter.)

11. Books That Start With E


Edward the Emu An Extraordinary Egg Elmer Elmer’s Special Day Elephant and Piggie Eating The Alphabet

12. Eat E Snacks

If you have an E cookie-cutter, anything can be an E-shaped snack. Or you can search below for E food your kids will love.

13. E Picture Match

Depending on how old your little one is and how much they’ve been exposed to this activity will factor into how many pictures you should start with. For a first-time activity, we suggest three E-themed pictures. Draw or print them so they’re all about the same size as an index card. Cut them out, cut them in half, and mix them up. Help your sweetie match the halves together. You could always do two sets (so, six images): Guide them through round one and let round two be an independent activity.

14. E Memory Game

You can use the same images you used for the matching game but add a few more E things. Flip them over and play the memory game with them!

15. Ear Facts

Don’t forget our closest E thing… our ears! What cool ear facts do you think your kids will enjoy learning?

16. Elf on a Shelf

You don’t have to save this activity for the holidays. If your kid has a Santa obsession, use it to your advantage and toward their education. Bust out your elf on the shelf, and instead of focusing on his holiday journey around your home, let him teach the kids about the letter E. After teaching them how to spell elf, each morning put something in the elf’s hand that starts with the letter E, like an eggplant, egg, or toy elephant.

17. E Is for Elephant Trunk

Every child dreams of one day becoming an elephant! To make their wish come true and make them familiar with the letter E, buy a bunch of long grey tube socks. Cut two holes on both sides of the opening of the sock. Then tie a piece of yarn to each side. Before tying the trunks to their face, have the kids decorate them with glitter and color. When the elephant trunk is complete, everyone will take turns making their best trumpet sound.

18. E is for Ears

Grab a headband, glue, colored paper, and markers. There are many ears to choose from in the animal kingdom. So, if your child wants big ole elephant ears or lion ears, help them draw it on the construction paper. Then cut them out and glue the ears to each side of the headband. And voila, you’ve got removable ears for your little one.

Need Letter E Help?

Eeyore (Winnie The Pooh)

Ernie (Sesame Street) Elanor (Elanor Wonders Why) Eve (Wall-E) Ezekiel (The Bible) Eagle Earthworm Eastern Gorilla Eel Elephant Elephant Seal Elk Emperor Penguin Emu Eclairs Edamame Egg Egg Drop Soup Eggplant Egg Noodles Egg roll Empanadas Enchiladas Endive English Muffins Everything Bagel Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

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