The Best Beach Blankets For Sand-Free Picnics By The Shore

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by Megan McCarty
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sand free beach blanket
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Did you know that sand-free beach blankets exist? Oh yes. Say goodbye to your ratty, annoyingly sandy beach towels of yesteryear and upgrade to a sand proof beach blanket. (These hooded beach towels are way cute for wrapping up your soaking wet kiddos, though.) Name one thing that’s better than lounging on the beach on a sweltering, sunny day. We’ll wait… That’s what we thought. To make the most of your day in the sun (and if you need sunscreen recs, beach umbrellas, and cool toys for the beach for kids, we’ve got ya covered), these beach blankets are key to stress-free relaxation and comfort – and key to ensuring sand doesn’t end up in your, um, unmentionable crevices.

What should you look for in a beach blanket? There are four things you should think about. First, your beach blanket should be sand-proof. But, having a blanket that’s waterproof, durable, and large enough for at least a few family members or friends to convene over a picnic of grapes and popsicles is also important. You’ll also, of course, want it to be portable, easy to throw in your beach bag for those “Babe, let’s go to the lake/ocean/waterway of choice!” days.

Below, find all of the sand repelling beach blankets that customers swear by. There are also a few other choice beach blankets listed, just in case you’re more focused on a blanket being large or waterproof. (After all, not everyone is bothered by a little post-beach car sand.)

Best Sand Free Beach Blankets

Holy durable. This sand-friendly beach blanket is made of three layers: polyester fabric on top, a sponge layer in the middle and a PVC bottom. Its waterproof backing prevents moisture from penetrating, making it perfect for the beach, picnics, camping, tailgating and any other time you’ll be hanging outside. It’s also easy to clean. You can simply shake it off or wipe it off. This beach blanket measures 79” by 59” and easily folds up into a compact size with a carry handle. It’s great if you’re trying to leave the sand at the beach, and not bring it with you in your car.

Take it from Amazon, which named this WildHorn Outfitters design the best sand-free beach blanket. You can fit the entire family on this one blanket — it’s 63 square feet! Yet somehow, with the magic of squishing, it gets stuffed into a 6” by 7” compression pack. It’s made from 100% parachute nylon, making it durable, lightweight, and sand proof. And though it’s light as a feather, this beach blanket comes with four sand anchor pockets to weigh it down on breezy days, which you could also use to hold beach necessities like keys, sunscreen and sunglasses. Consider us sold!

Sand be gone! This beach blanket is made of ripstop parachute nylon, which sand oh-so conveniently doesn’t stick to. Even better, it’s heat resistant, extremely soft and large enough for the whole family can gather on it. Throw this ultra light and compact blanket into your bag, car or suitcase so you’re always ready for a beachtime adventure, then give it a spin in the washing machine and let it air dry.

This sand-proof beach blanket is made from 100% ripstop nylon — otherwise known as “the material that when water hits it, it beads up and rolls off.” It’s also breathable and lightweight, and measures at 9’ by 10’, which comfortably fits seven adults. If it’s a windy day, either fill the corner pockets with sand or use the included metal stakes. Since it’s triple-stitched, this beach blanket is meant to last.

Cute? Yes. Functional? Also yes. This Sunlit beach blanket will look just as excellent on Instagram as it does on the sand. This blanket isn’t just sand-repellant — it’s also water-repellant and free from odors. It’s also portable and comes with its own bag that’ll help you haul it to the beach. You can also use this blanket at the park, or during an outdoor music festival.

Best Beach Blankets

Pretty and practical: this beach blanket checks both boxes. The tartan strip design is constructed with a waterproof PEVA backing that keeps out moisture, so you can just shake and wipe off sand, wet grass or dirt. Bonus: its convenient strap makes it easy to throw over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to wrangle children or carry a cooler of canned wine — umm... we mean, snacks. In addition to beach lounging, it’s also perfect for outdoor concerts or park picnics.

Okay, okay, so this one may not be totally sand proof — but, it sure is beautiful. This traditional hand-woven Mexican blanket comes in 11 color combinations and is sure to elicit “we should get one of those!” from fellow beach-goers. Keep a couple of these in your car for spontaneous beach visits or outdoor concerts. This design is made in Mexico from 100% recycled acrylic and cotton, and is 50” by 73”. Best yet? They’re machine washable and get softer with each washing.

Beaches and picnics and camping, oh my! This 60” by 79” Camco beach mat seats up to four adults, and is made of strong woven polypropylene that’s both weatherproof and mildew resistant, making it a perfect match for any of those activities. It’s also easy to clean — a must — by simply wiping it with soap and water. We’re ready for a beach day. How about you?

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