The 8 Best Cordless Blinds For Worry-Free Privacy

Say lights out without unruly cords.

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So you’ve anchored your furniture and babyproofed your cabinets, now it’s finally time to tackle window treatments. Cordless blinds are by far the safest option when you have young kids in the house, and get this — you no longer need to shell out the big bucks for custom blinds. These days options abound in terms of color, size, and price point. Whether you prefer Roman, Venetian, or energy-efficient cellular, the best cordless blinds are easy to install and filter as much — or as little — light as you prefer.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Cordless Blinds


You’ll find tons of variations to choose from, including everything from fabric Roman shades to slatted Venetian blinds that come in vinyl or faux wood, and even cellular or honeycomb blinds that get their name from their hexagon-shaped design that’s ideal for keeping the heat in and the cold out.


Most cordless blinds feature loaded spring rollers, while some of the higher tech versions operate by remote. That’s right, you can now lounge around your home in complete privacy without ever having to even get up from your couch. Keep in mind some blinds also block out more light than others: Light-filtering blinds let some natural light in, room-darkening blinds block out most light, and blackout blinds block out all light. (Read: these are great in a nursery so baby can — hopefully — get more ZZZ’s). And in terms of color choice, darker shades tend to filter out more light while light-colored ones tend to let in more light.

With all this in mind, keep reading to find the best cordless blinds for your space.

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for best cordless blinds.

1. The Best Cordless Venetian Blinds: Achim Home Decor Cordless Room Darkening Venetian Blind

2. The Best Cordless Roman Shades: Madison Park Cordless Roman Shades

3. The Best Cordless Cellular Blinds: Homlandee Cellular Cordless Shades


The Best Cordless Venetian Blinds

The look and quality of these cordless Venetian blinds belies their price point. These room-darkening blinds can easily be adjusted to let light in with a tilt wand or lifted or lowered with the bottom rail band. When closed, they darken your room in addition to helping control the room’s temperature. These blinds are a shopper fave with nearly 2,500 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon.

Helpful Review: “These blinds are so study and look like quality material. I was a bit nervous about installing them after taking them out of the box and feeling how heavy they were, but with just a standard hammer and drill, it turned out to be pretty easy. They are such good quality, and actually helps with temperature control as well.”

Style: Venetian | Available Colors: 2 | Featured Size: 64 x 29 inches (L x W); 10 other sizes available


The Best Cordless Roman Shades

These ready-to-hang Roman shades look great right out of the box, and reviewers say they are a breeze to install. These operate manually with a cordless retraction mechanism, can be opened fully or just half-way, and the textured panels add a soothing room-darkening effect. The thermal backing on these polyester shades filters 40 to 70% of light, and some offer up to 100% blocking, depending on the color you choose, so keep that in mind as you pick out a fave hue.

Helpful Review: “I have so many windows in my house and wanted some roman shades without having to spend an arm and a leg. I cannot believe the value we get out of these! It was super easy to install, easy to use, and looks great.”

Style: Roman | Available Colors: 11 | Featured Size: 64 x 27 inches (L x W); 8 other sizes available


The Best Cordless Cellular Blinds

These blackout cellular shades have a honeycomb design that helps reduce noise and block out sun. And these polyester cordless blinds are super easy to operate — simply pull them up or down and know that they’ll stay in place with the automatic locking feature. Note that different colors offer eitehr blackout or light-filtering, if you choose a different hue.

Helpful Review: “Theses cellular shades were easy to install & they were only a fraction of the $$$ of expensive custom blinds store. They are blackout shades. Definitely well worth it. Saved me over $200!!”

Style: Cellular | Available Colors: 5 | Featured Size: 64 x 23 inches (L x W); 18 other sizes available


The Best Cordless Blinds For Larger Windows

Finding blinds for large windows isn’t exactly easy unless you go custom — which can cost a ton. These light-filtering cordless blinds come in widths up to 73 inches to cover most wide windows. The subtle zebra stripe design is especially effective during the day since they provide just the right amount of privacy while still letting sunlight in, though they also have a full privacy mode. And because window treatments are notoriously hard to keep clean, the fact that these are waterproof and dust proof polyester makes them a top choice.

Helpful Review: “Ok, so I saw this (or something similar) on TikTok and I was intrigued. I bought one for my son’s room and love it, good quality and it makes the room look so nice. So I ended up buying more for the living room and the rest of my windows in my home. They are pricey, but it’s worth it.”

Style: Roller | Available Colors: 2 | Featured Size: 72 x 73 inches (L x W); 9 other sizes available


These Cult-Fave Cordless Venetian Blinds With Mini Slats

With over 25,000 five-star ratings and a budget-friendly price, these cordless mini blinds are a no brainer. Mini here refers to the size of the slats, not the overall size of the blinds. These light-filtering vinyl blinds can be opened and closed with a tilt wand and the blinds can be lifted up or closed by pulling on the bottom rail band.

Helpful Review: “This was so easy to install and looks great! I have never used cordless blinds but wanted something safe for the nursery. Great product took 10 min to install and simple to raise and lower! Will be purchasing more for the rest of the house!”

Style: Venetian | Available Colors: 6 | Featured Size: 64 x 30 inches (L x W); 70 other sizes available


Some Versatile “Top-Down” Cellular Cordless Blinds

When it comes to privacy, top-down blinds just make sense. They do just what it sounds like: open from the top to bottom so that you can let the light in without putting your life on display. But they also open from the button like traditional blinds if that’s more your thing. These polyester blinds filter light beautifully and are even a great option for covering skylights.

Helpful Review: “These shades are awesome. They are very easy to install and look fantastic. Best shades I have ever purchased. Love that you can get privacy but sill have plenty light leaving the top pulled down halfway. Great Product.”

Style: Cellular | Available Colors: 3 | Featured Size: 64 x 36 inches (W x H); 10 other sizes available


These Made-To-Order Motorized Cordless Blinds With Voice Control

For the ultimate convenience, you can open and close these cordless blinds using the included remote control. You can order this polyester roller shade in the exact size you need using the ‘customize now’ button when ordering. This blackout pick also runs on a smart motor, which means you can connect it to a smart device. That’s right — you can soon be saying, “Alexa, lights out,” to shut the blinds without getting up.

Helpful review: “These high quality blinds were very easy to install!! All you need is a drill to install…. The blinds came perfectly measured and fit nicely on the windows. The battery life is fine… haven’t had to recharge since we bought the blinds.A couple more things… loved the flexibility and adjustability of the remote control to allow customized operations. Second thing is the service. They were very responsive and fast in assisting! That was a pleasant surprise.”

Style: Roller | Available Colors: 17 | Featured Size: 138 x 98 inches (L x W); custom sizes available


Some Bamboo Roman Shades For Natural Texture

These cordless bamboo blinds add a natural touch to decor and come in different shades to match your floors, cabinets, you name it. They’re made from 100% natural bamboo that filters sunlight without blocking it out completely. They pull up or down with ease and are perfect for any window in your home.

Helpful Review: “I was specifically looking for light wood shades, and these were perfect, especially for the price. It's hard to gauge how nice things will look in real life, but these looked great, maybe even better than I imagined from the pics. Really nice quality and really good for privacy, too, while still letting in light — it adds a nice warm tone when then sun comes through.”

Style: Roman | Available Colors: 5 | Featured Size: 60 x 31 inches (L x W); 11 other sizes available