The 5 Best Cabinet Locks For Babies — So Your House Is Secure (But Still Accessible For You)

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Cabinet locks for babies
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Got your camera ready for your baby’s first crawling and standing moments? While you’ll definitely want to capture those memories, there’s something else you’ll want to have checked off your list ahead of time. And that’s making sure your home is properly baby-proofed! That’s right, once your baby is on the move, their new found freedom and curiosity will have them exploring every inch of the house, which means they’ll be getting into every cabinet and drawer they can get their hands on. The best cabinet locks for babies are just what you’ll need to keep them out of trouble, saving you worry and some cleanup time, too.

Baby safety locks come in a range of different styles to match many needs, from keeping little hands out of the (always-terrifying) under-sink area to preventing your little one from pinching fingers in the oven drawer. If you don’t own any power tools or are renting a home (and looking to get your full security deposit back someday), you’ll wan to opt for no-drill, adhesive cabinet locks. A magnetic version can be a nearly invisible way to keep cabinets closed, helping maintain a clean, streamlined look.

But sometimes those old-school yet super functional baby locks that are out in plain sight can be the best option. These are great for caregivers looking for baby locks that can be quickly removed — because sometimes when you’re breezing through a recipe or doing post-dinner cleanup, the last thing you need is to get stymied by the child lock!

Not exactly sure what kind of baby cabinet lock you need? No worries. This list is sure to have everything you need to easily secure your cabinets from your ever-curious baby.

1. These Easy-to-Move Baby Locks That Work On Knobs & Pulls

Need a baby cabinet lock that can be removed in a flash? It doesn’t get simpler than with these easy-to-move baby locks by Safety 1st, a leader in the baby-proofing game. The adjustable loops are a no-brainer for adults to figure out, but as their name implies, they outsmart babies from getting into cabinets every time, thanks to that clever decoy button in front. Compatible with knob and pull style handles, this two-pack makes it easy to secure any style of kitchen.

Helpful Review: “This was a good product and worth the money. I like that it is movable and can be reused again. Some baby proofing devices are fixed on an object with adhesive and are only good one time. It is nice to know that when we move, it is easy to take with us.”

2. These Wildly Popular Latch Baby Locks

Boasting more than 11,000 ratings on Amazon, these invisible latch baby locks are a favorite for a reason. They’re strong and a breeze to install, thanks to the included sturdy 3M adhesives that can withstand up to 25 pounds of pull tension. They work on most cabinets and drawers, including those with overhangs. The spring-loaded latch opens with the press of a finger (excluding your baby’s) so you can get what you need quickly while still keeping curious baby out.

Helpful Review: “These cabinet locks are the best. I should have bought more right off the bat. Totally invisible and easy to use! Adults and big kids open and close just fine, while the 18 month old hangs on cabinet handles and the hooks hold their ground.”

3. Some Invisible Magnetic Baby Locks

The perfect no-handle cabinet lock! These baby cabinet locks open with a magnetic “key” that not only disengages the locking mechanism but also works as a sort of “handle,” allowing you to gently pull the door open. The locking indicator also makes it easy to see if it’s in lock mode at a glance. Invisible, simple to install with adhesive, and just pure genius.

Helpful Review: “These are a lifesaver! They work excellently and are easy to use. Didn't even have to screw them in. My toddler has not been able to get into the cabinets since installation, mind you my cabinets don't have handles and he stopped trying once he saw they didn't just open anymore. I sometimes forget the cabinets are locked and they still stay on after the occasional tug from an adult.”

4. Some Rotating Baby Locks That Never Squish Fingers

These rotating baby locks are great for cabinets with or without handles. They can act as a handle or be installed below or above existing cabinet handles. Either way, they’re sure to keep little ones safe with a press-to-release rotating lock designed to be easily opened by adults or older kids. And by keeping cabinets locked in a flush position, you avoid any pinched fingers. Installs with adhesive, easy to remove, and inexpensive.

Helpful Review: “The best we've used! So easy to use and perfect in our kitchen for keeping tiny hands out of danger! Also NO SMOOSHED FINGERS! These won't allow the cabinets to open at all so baby fingers can't get in the space between the door and get smooshed.”

5. These Affordable & Versatile Slide-Release Baby Locks

A slide-release feature makes these adjustable baby locks great for customizing to fit your cabinets and safety needs. And because they’re flexible, they wrap around surfaces and can be used on anything from drawers to toilets and even the oven door. Plus, you get a dozen locks for a great price.

Helpful Review: “My baby is super determined to get these off, but she can’t! It’s a great product and has been working perfectly for us. It’s easy enough to undo for the adults, but too hard for my 11 month old to undo. Highly recommend.”

Also Nice: This Pet-Friendly Baby Lock For Doors

If you’re trying to keep a baby out of a room but still need your cat or dog to have free range, these pet-friendly baby lock straps work great. They’re adjustable and secure with sturdy and durable 3M adhesive.

Helpful Review: “I have these all over the place. Great little tools for keeping shorties out of rooms or opening doors, sliding doors, cabinets.”