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13 Iconic Easter Candies, Ranked From Worst To Best

In other words, ranked from “will sit in the candy bowl for months” to “gonna pillage my kid’s Easter basket for every last one.”

Easter candy comes in all shapes, colors, and flavors.
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Easter candy is the best of all the seasonal sweets. Controversial statement? Maybe. But think about it: Aren’t Reese’s Eggs superior to Reese’s Santas? Don’t pastel jelly beans taste better than those orange and black ones they roll out at Halloween? And, love it or hate it, no other holiday candy is quite as iconic as Peeps.

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Still, not all Easter candies are created equal. For instance, few things in life are more disappointing than a generic, solid chocolate Easter bunny. Read on for our Easter candy rankings, from I’ve-had-better to the very best, and start filling your kid’s Easter baskets accordingly.

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