Need Some Tech-Free Time? These Are The 9 Best Games For Large Families

Fun for the whole family — even HUGE families

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Screens are no doubt an easy way to entertain the family, but when you need tech-free time, having a few tried-and-true games in your arsenal is key. But when you have a big family, getting everyone to agree on a game isn’t exactly easy. That’s where the best games for large families come in. They are designed to get everyone in on the fun, from toddlers to teens, parents and grandparents. Ready for some old-fashioned family fun? Check out the top picks below.

What To Consider When Shopping For Games For Large Families

Number of Players

The average board game has a player limit of four but the best games for large families can accommodate a minimum of six players and go as high as up to 10 or even 20+ players (perfect for those big holiday gatherings or family reunions). Many of the games below also lend themselves to two-team play that can easily absorb people as they come and go. After all, once others see how much fun you’re having, they’ll likely want to get in on the action.

Age Range

Just because the whole family can technically play, that doesn’t mean they’ll want to if it’s too slow for the big kids or too advanced for the little ones. That’s why we included a few games that can be played by the whole family, together; from ages 3 to 100 (or older—no limits here), like charades, a game that preschoolers can grasp but is still fun for older kids and adults.

We also threw in games that tweens and teens will enjoy playing with their parents (gasp) since they lean silly or even strategic, taking their minds off of the fact that they are spending time off their screens and with their parents.

No matter how many and what age kids you’ve got and whether it’s just a rainy day or you’re planning a family game night, you’re sure to find a crowd-pleaser game here. The best news? All of these games are available on Amazon for fast shipping — so you can start playing right away.


Editor’s Choice: This Family Trivia & Challenge Game That’s A Great Way To Bond

Even though the box technically says ages 8+, this game is great for the whole family since the questions are meant to quiz each player on how well they know their own family — things even toddlers might know, like what’s their mom’s favorite thing to do as a family. The game also includes easy, entertaining challenges (think: Pick a dance move that everyone has to perform. You pick the winner.) With 200 cards in the deck, not only will your family create some priceless memories, but you’ll all get to know each other a little better each time you play. And while the recommended number of players is up to 8, shoppers report that you can easily add more; game play will just go longer.

Editor Praise: "This is the game our kids choose first on family game night. It's easy to play and you learn interesting things about your family members with the trivia cards and the challenges are a blast. We've had a three-generation lion-roaring contest and my husband wore his entire outfit backwards to win a card. It even works for littles who can't read because you can read cards to children without interfering with the game." - Lauren Beach, Scary Mommy associate editor

Recommended Age: 8+ | Number of Players: 3 — 8 | Length of Play: 30 to 90 minutes


A Charades Game That Three Generations Can Play Together

Charades is a classic game that you don’t really need anything but your imagination to play. But this charades game is designed so that kids as young as 4 years old can get in on the fun. The clue cards feature pictures for non-readers and the game can be played at three different levels so that even older kids or adults are challenged. There’s no cap on how many people can play; more players usually means more fun. It’s a best-selling game on Amazon with more than 9,000 ratings (and counting!).

Helpful Review: “It’s a challenge to find a game for more than 4 players and truly suitable for all ages. Even a young toddler can easily participate in playing and it moves quickly enough to hold the interest of the fidgety. Three generations all had a great time with this game.”

Recommended Age: 4+ | Number of Players: 3+ | Length of Play: Flexible


This Game For Big Families With A Huge Sense Of Humor

You’re probably familiar with the adult version of this comedy card game, but with this ‘Family Edition,’ literally everyone in your crew can get in on the silly fill-in-the-blank antics: grade-schoolers, teens, parents, grandparents — four people, or twenty. And it’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh thanks to the hilarious themes that include everything from poop to things that are sure to embarrass mom. A good sense of humor is all you need to make this your new favorite game. And with 600 cards, you’re sure to get plenty of fresh play out of it.

Helpful Review: “Seriously our absolutely favorite game to play when in a bigger group. You can play as a foursome but the more people, the funnier it is. Both my 8 and 10 year olds love this game as do we adults. You have to be a little immature to enjoy the game as it includes all sorts of cards about butt hair, feces, and general grossness but the most random cards can make for the funniest outcomes.”

Recommended Age: 8+ | Number of Players: 4 — 20+ | Length of Play: 30 to 90 minutes


This Fast-Paced Family Game With A Cult Following

Backed by more than 16,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, Beat That! will get everyone in your family up and out of their seats. With 160 cards, everyone will be fumbling around performing all sorts of wacky challenges while putting all their skills to the test — bounce, balance, busta rhyme, you name it. Some challenges will be solo while others will give your family the chance to work together as a team. After 10 rounds of this fun and fast-paced game, one member of the family will walk away with all the bragging rights. There’s also an expansion pack available for added fun.

Helpful Review: “This game is so much fun. We have players from 6 to 60 years old playing. Lots of fun, everything you need to play comes in the box. Get ready for lots of laughter and rivalry.”

Recommended Age: 9+ | Number of Players: 2 — 8 | Length of Play: 40 to 90 minutes


This Game That Pits Kids Against Their Parents

Who knows more about their family, the kids or the parents? This kids versus parents game challenges family members with three different card categories — Would I Rather?, Action, and Question. Complete with 200 cards, it’s a fun game that helps families come together to learn more about each other, but also is a great way to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. Play a quick 10-minute game or make a night out of it and play for up to 90 minutes.

Helpful Review: “This was a HUGE hit for my family! We tend to get bored pretty fast with other games but, this was pure entertainment for hours. Very clear instructions on how to play & wasn’t complex at all. ”

Recommended Age: 4+ | Number of Players: 3 — 10 | Length of Play: 10 to 90 minutes


Another Editor Fave: A Game That Teens Will Actually Want To Play

Taboo is a cult favorite game that teens will actually love playing with their parents. And with over 800 guess words, it might just turn into hours of fun. Split up into teams — kids versus parents is always fun — and see who collects the most cards by guessing words about pop culture, celebrities, and more, all without saying the taboo words. As one reviewer noted, “We can play for hours without getting bored or tired.”

Editor Praise: “Taboo has become our go-to game for big family gatherings. Someone always ends up suggesting it when it feels like the night is winding down, and it gets things fired up again. The two-team design makes it work well for any large number of players, and it always has everyone laughing by the end. I love it!” - Danielle Kraese, Scary Mommy Senior Editor

Recommended Age: 13+ | Number of Players: 4+ | Length of Play: Flexible


This Wildly Popular Russian Roulette-Style Party Game

With a 4.7-star rating after more than 12,000 reviews, this is another massively popular family party game. It has a Russian Roulette-style premise but rest assured the only thing you might be afraid of is peeing your pants while trying to avoid drawing an “Exploding Kitten” and losing the game. If that sounds intriguing, you’ll want to give this game a try. It takes only two minutes to learn and is a quick play that kids as young as 7 can easily grasp.

Helpful Review: “Both adults and children to play together. There is little strategic or intellectual advantage for an adult against a child (though some skill encourages the kids to learn and practice and improve), so it makes it a fair game for all. Additionally, this game can be played in a short amount of time (10-20 minutes is average) and can be played just about anywhere (on road trips, at the pool, at picnics, backstage during a show... and, of course, at the dining room table).”

Recommended Age: 7+ | Number of Players: 2 — 10 | Length of Play: 15 minutes


A Board Game That Will Take You Way Back In Time

This is a game that requires strategic skills so get ready to put your thinking caps on; after all, each player will be the leader of one of the seven greatest cities of the ancient world. Whoever can build the strongest military and cultural presence after three rounds (called “ages”) will be crowned the greatest leader of their civilization. There’s no downtime in this game either so everyone will stay engaged from start to finish.

Helpful Review: “7 wonders is absolutely our new family favorite! We play several times a week and enjoy the game with our kids (8 and 11) or with adult friends. So far, it doesn’t seem to get boring no matter how much we play.”

Recommended Age: 10+ | Number of Players: 3 — 7 | Length of Play: 30 minutes


This Game That’s Like Having An Escape Room In Your Very Own Home

Escape rooms can be an expensive entertainment activity, especially if you have a large family or group. But with the Escape Room In A Box game, you get a way cheaper but no less fun experience — and you don’t have to leave your living room. This “Werewolf Experiment” edition is perfect for solving on a stormy night in when you’ve got at least an hour to kill. The game can be enhanced by connecting it to Alexa but maybe don’t tell the kids if you’re looking for a true escape room experience.

Helpful Review: “Bought this for a fun family game. We didn’t solve it within the hour but had the most amazing time! The riddles are a mix of easy and challenging. I would 100% recommend looking through everything in and around the box! So much fun-we still joke about it afterwards.”

Recommended Age: 13+ | Number of Players: 2 — 8 | Length of Play: 60 minutes