Your Kids Will Love Playing These Board Games, ALL Weekend Long

by Katie Bond
Originally Published: 
Crabs Down Toddler Board Games

As #toddlermamas, we are always looking for engaging, exciting, and, let’s be honest, time-consuming activities for our little ones. Our latest obsession? Toddler board games. These activities cultivate emotional development, shared decision making, and creative problem solving along with building a sense of community and encouraging learning on so many levels. They’re basically a secret weapon of parenting.

On our list, we have the best toddler board games for solo play, play with other kiddos, and even some for the whole family. And with everything from feeding cute monsters to picking fruits and veggies—and even some classic toddler board games like Operation—these games have a little something for every baby. Get ready for #familyfunnight to begin! This may not be like playing Beer Pong with your friends, but there can still be a glass of vino at the ready.

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Because playing is *literally* one of the most important things your kid can do right now — shop our picks for the best and brightest in baby and toddler toys.


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