The Best Garbage Truck Toys For Your Sweet Little Hauler

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Garbage Truck Toys Kids

As mundane as seeing the garbage truck is for grown-ups, to kids there’s nothing more fascinating. They lift, they haul, and they store piles of interesting items; when it comes to garbage trucks, what’s not to love? It’s 30 seconds of pure fascination. And it’s no wonder that toys modeled after the real thing are a source of entertainment as they load them with trinkets and wheel them around.

Aside from providing hours of endless entertainment, garbage truck toys can help hone motor, sorting and organization skills, and encourage teamwork. These interactive toy trucks can also provide little ones early lessons in recycling and helping keep mother nature tidy. And if you’re tired of plastic toys, this list also includes some toy trucks made from wood.

So whether your kiddo is into remote control vehicles or outdoor play, or you prefer Montessori toys without all the gadgets, there are plenty of options for garbage truck toys to keep your little hauler happy.

Best Wooden Garbage Truck Toys

Best Garbage Truck Toys For Outdoor Play

Best Techie Garbage Truck Toys

Best Classic Garbage Trucks

If they are going to love these new garbage trucks, then they’ll love our other mom-approved toys!


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