We're Not Saying You Should Buy Your Kids A Dirtbike, But Dax and Kristen Are OK With It, So Maybe??

by Steph Osmanski
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A red kids' beginner dirt bike and a Razor MX650 rocket electric bike on a white background

There are two types of parents in the world: The excited parent that’s like, “F***k yeah, my kid rides dirt bikes in the backyard!” and then there’s the kind of parent that’s like, “IDK how I ended up here, but my kid wants to ride a dirt bike, so I guess I’m gonna Google it and see WTF comes up.” No matter which kind of parent you are, it brought you here, so don’t worry — we’ve done the homework.

If you have reservations about kid dirt bikes, here’s the permission slip you may need: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard revealed on Ellen, that they let their two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, ride around on dirt bikes. Our philosophy? If Kristen Bell lets her kids eat it/do it/or talk about it, it’s fair game.

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So, what are the best dirt bikes for kids? Are dirt bikes safe? Do they go too fast? These are the big questions any parent entering the world of an extreme sport would have. If you’re new to the kid-friendly dirt bike sphere, there’s a lot to learn, but we’ll try to break it down for you. Three big brand names, like Razor, Yamaha, and Honda make dirt bikes for kids, so those are trusted places to start. There are electric dirt bikes for kids and gas dirt bikes for kids. Not sure which one to get? If you’ve got a beginner, we’d recommend sticking the pedal to the medal, but only on an electric dirt bike for starters. There are even dirt bikes with training wheels to help your kid get a smooth start.

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Age is also a factor. Got a three-year-old with a need for speed or more dirt bikes for 10 year olds? There’s a different model we’ve researched for each. Basically, whatever your kid dirt bike needs, you’ll find it all below.

How Does CC Affect a Bike?

One big thing you need to know and grasp before choosing a dirt bike is the cc’s. CC’s stand for cubic centimeters and refers to the measurement of a motorcycle or dirt bike engine. CC’s impact how much power a dirt bike has, as well as how choppy or smooth the ride is. Since we’re talking about kids, we’re going to recommend not going over 50 cc’s for your child’s dirt bike. However, there are exceptions: If your kid is a dirt bike pro and you trust them to handle a 70 cc, by all means that’s your call. Alternatively, if you have an older kid, 70 – 100cc’s might be a more appropriate level of power for a speed-loving teen above 13.

Keep reading for our selection of the best dirt bikes for kids!

Best Dirt Bikes For Beginners

Dirt Bikes With Training Wheels

Cool Dirt Bikes For Kids

If you have an older kid that knows what they’re doing on a dirt bike, these options may be more your speed. (Ha, get it… speed). Continue below for dirt bikes for older kids.

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