Woman Goes Viral For Sharing That She Doesn’t Close Her Blinds At Night

She doesn’t think anyone is looking inside her home.

One woman sparked a discourse after saying that no one is looking inside people's homes so she doesn...
@lizwizdom / TikTok

Picture this: You’re on a nice, after-dinner walk. You’re strolling along as the sun goes down and dusk appears. You have on your favorite podcast. As you walk around the neighborhood, you see lights on in each house you pass.

With the curtains and blinds open, are you looking inside to see what they’re binge-watching? Are you noting their paint colors? I know I sure as hell am, and I was always under the impression that everyone was a big nosy snoop like me. But one woman sparked discourse on TikTok after saying that no one does this.

“One thing about me is that I never close the blinds at night. Never ever,” TikTok content creator Liz Wizdom begins in her video. “And I only know it’s weird because when I have people over, they tell me it’s weird. And they’re like, ‘Are you gonna close the blinds?’ No! Why would I close the blinds?”

She understands that there’s some weirdos out there who might be creeping in windows for the wrong reasons, but says those are far and few between because, she believes, no one is actually looking inside people’s homes at night.

“Why do you think people are looking through your blinds? When is the last time you looked in someone’s house? I’m telling you, people are not looking into your house,” she says confidently.

Uh... who’s going to tell her that literally everyone does this?

Even if people are looking in her windows, she doesn’t mind in the slightest if people get a good look at her evening through the glass.

“And if they were, what are you so afraid of them seeing? Like, if someone’s looking through my windows, what are they gonna see? Me doing my crosswords? Maybe they can help. What’s a three-letter word for noise?” she jokes. “Are they gonna see me binge-watching Netflix? As long as they don’t give spoilers, they can join in. I don’t care.”

She continues, “If I were to close the blinds, I would feel so penned in. I don’t think I could take it. Plus, that would mean I would have to open them during the day, and then close them again at night. Who has that kind of energy? I need to know if anyone else is like me, because people say it’s really weird, but at this point it’s just a lifestyle.”

TikTok users flew into Liz’s comment section, noting that she’s the weirdo for not looking in people’s home’s at night.

“I look into houses constantly. Driving by I’m watching that tv,” one user said.

“What are you talking about? Everyone is looking in our windows. Lol like. Everyone. We’re all nosy,” another wrote.

“People are absolutely, 3000% looking in your blinds I promise,” another echoed.

Another shared, “Once I saw a corgi on a kitchen table when I looked through blinds. It validated me and now I continue to always look through.”

See? If you choose not to look in someone’s blinds, you might miss out on seeing a corgi standing on top of a kitchen table, and that is just not worth the risk.