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Not To Alarm Anyone, But Capri Pants Are Coming Back In Style

Save yourselves, TikTok fashion gurus are sporting the short pants with gusto.

@olivia.antongiovanni, @aliinagrg, @makenna.alyse / TikTok

What goes around comes back around, and that phrase does not ring more true than with fashion trends. From bell bottoms to crop tops to platform shoes, it seems that every single fashion trend that was once “totally out,” with time, becomes right back “in” again.

The latest fashion trend to worm its way back into the mainstream are the polarizing capri pants.

Yes, fashion influencers are wearing them with pride, and soon enough, your local Target will have them on every mannequin as if they were plucked from a 1999 issue of a dELiA*s catalog.

The cropped trousers, sometimes known as pedal pushers, have been popping up all over 2024 fashion trend predictions for the coming months, and now, they’re out in full force with fashion influencers encouraging everyone to give the pants a try.

Tiktoker Olivia Antongiovanni posted a recent video, donning some black capris, telling her followers that if they “don’t own a pair of capris” to “go buy some right now.”

“There’s nothing sexier or cooler than a capri moment. Mark my words,” she says to the camera before blowing a kiss.

Is there nothing sexier or cooler than capri pants? Do you think the epitome of sexy when you think of bare shins with some light stubble? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose!

Another fashion TikToker, Makenna McReynolds, also sang the praises of capri pants.

“Capris are back okay! Love them or hate them. They are so chic and so easy to style. Also like so comfortable like why are we not loving capris?” she asked before explaining the “vibe” of the pant and how they fit into a 2024 wardrobe.

She continued, “Here's the thing ... if you don't get the vibe then I get the hate on capris, but the vibe is 90's minimalism, 90's supermodel, Audrey Hepburn, and Funny Face ... That's the vibe. So, if you don't get the vibe then you can't comment on the capris because they're so good.”

While some are all-in on capri pants, others are not convinced of the latest trend dripping in nostalgia.

One TikTok user stitched Antongiovanni’s video, saying that she will not and cannot participate in the capri pants comeback.

“Girlfriend, you look incredible but trust and believe we already went through this in the early 2000’s & they are hideous pants & give everyone stump legs 🙃,” she wrote in the caption.

Her comment section was flooded with TikTok users agreeing with her sentiments, noting that some fashion trends need to stay dead.

“What's it going to be next? Plaid Bermudas?! 😭” one user wrote in an ode to the eye-sore patterned pants that once were.

“Gaucho pants will be next I’m calling it,” another said.

One user wrote, “What’s next the 3/4 sleeve WITH the capris. I can’t go back 😭😭”

Another said, “My baby blue capris with my Skechers platforms was a look in 2001 but that is where it will stay 💀💀”

At the end of the day, how someone chooses to dress their body is totally up to them. Some people can confidently rock a capri pant while others have sworn them off forever. Fashion is subjective, of course.

I’ll wear flared leggings. I’ll bring my Ugg boots back out. I’ll even rock the ballet flats that make my feet sweat, but I think I’ll draw the line at capri pants. My 30-something-year-old calves just don't have the strength.