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17 Easter Brunch Items To Grab On Your Last-Minute Costco Run

From heirloom carrots to egg bites, these essentials will be a holiday hit.

La Terra Fina's quiche is one of many quick and easy brunch options available at Costco.
La Terra Fina

Maybe you weren’t originally hosting this year, but plans changed. Or perhaps you just ran out of time. Either way, it’s now Easter weekend — and you need brunch supplies. Swing by Costco before Sunday for these last-minute essentials.

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Dash 17-piece All-in-One Egg Cooker

If you’ve procrastinated on boiling eggs and now face the daunting task of doing it all in a day, swing by Costco and pick up this double-decker egg cooker ($18.99). You can even use it to steam veggies and more.