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A Couple Causes Uproar After Admitting They Don’t Sleep On Dedicated Sides Of The Bed

“People say it’s the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.”

@renovatingourhome / TikTok

A couple on the internet — known mostly for their home renovation TikTok account — is now going viral for a completely different and totally bizarre reason.

TikTok user Angelina Murphy (@renovatingourhome) posted a now-viral video, admitting that she and her husband, Skyler, have a sleeping arrangement that is frankly making my head spin.

Most people have heard plenty about sleep divorces and sleep separations at this point, but this is just off the wall.

She admitted that she and her husband do not have an assigned side of the bed.

Instead, they switch off sleeping on either side or just randomly pick a side each night. Let that sink in for a second. Feeling weirded out beyond belief? Me too!

She asked her followers if their willy-nilly sleeping arrangement was actually as “crazy” as their friends all made it seem — because they don’t seem to see what the big deal is.

The answer is yes, this is truly unhinged behavior, and I have so many questions.

Murphy explains, “We do not have a regular side of the bed that we sleep on. Last night, I slept on that side and then the night before for like two or three nights in a row, I slept on this side. It's never discussed. We just randomly pick a side when we go to sleep.”

First off, don’t each of them have their own personalized nightstand?

I have my lotion, chapstick, book, water bottle, etc. that is on my side of the bed.

Does she not require 100 things within reach before hitting the hay?

Also, my husband has to be closest to the door on the off chance that an axe murderer comes in so he can protect me (and also my four-year-old wakes him up first if she gets up in the middle of the night).

The video soon went viral, gaining over 1 million views, and thousands of people in the comments truly baffled by this behavior.

“I’m single, and I have a side of my bed,” one user joked.

Another said, “What kind of serial killer behavior is this 😂 even when I was single with my own bed I had my own side 😂😂.”

One user pointed out, “I think i’m even more surprised that you found each other and are both okay with this.”

Another joked, “I hope you both get the help you need.”

The couple made a follow-up video, answering TikTok’s questions about their weird AF sleeping situation.

First, they don’t utilize nightstands. Second, they have matching phone chargers on both sides of the bed so that’s a non-issue. Finally, their two cats — which each prefer a different human — switch sides with them!

Otherwise, the two seem pretty confused as to why the internet went into an uproar over their choice to not have an assigned side of the bed.

In another video, Murphy says that one relationship expert actually calls their bed method a “green flag” that’s beneficial for couples. Evidence shows that things can go awry when both persons in the relationship want the same side of the bed.

So maybe there is a method to this couple’s absolute madness.