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Freezies? Otter Pops? The Internet Is Fighting Over What These Things Are Called

Some of the names are totally out of this world.

Two girls eating freeze pops on the beach. The internet is debating what these frozen treats are cal...
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Children all over the world have had the same summer experience: Running inside on a hot summer day, opening the freezer, and pulling out a cold sweet treat. It’s a tube of ice in clear plastic packaging that comes in a rainbow of colors. And most everyone knows how each flavor tastes, what it feels like to hold one in your hand, and the sound it makes when you slurp up the last bit of melted juice from the bottom.

But... what the hell do you call them? Freezies? Ice pops? Freezer pops?

That’s where it seems like no one can agree.

An innocent post on Twitter has thousands of people from around the globe sparring over something that seems almost universal, but that has dozens and dozens of names.

“It’s dead summer. Your mom comes home from the store with THESE. What do you call them and what is the best color,” reads the tweets.

Down in the comments, the warring began. And the names seem to depend on region of the country, different countries and continents, cultural backgrounds, and more. And some of the names are just wacky.

Let’s start with the most popular answers. Replies with the most likes were freezies, ice pops, and freeze pops (or is it freezer pops?).

Some less-popular names included:

Juice pops.

Choo choo pops.

Flavor Ice.

Lick sticks.

Chilly Willies.

Ice lollies.

Polar pops.

Icy poles.

Some people said they just called them popsicles, but those people are obviously wrong and we won’t speak of them again.

There were also tons of votes for the actual brand name of a few products, starting with Otter Pops and Mr. Freeze, but with a few votes for Fla-va Ice.

Some of the biggest surprises came from around the world. In Brazil, they’re called "gelinho." In the U.K, some people call them “Tip-tops.” In Canada, “Freezies” rule. In Australia, they are known as “Zooper Doopers”... of course??

And lots of people pointed out that many Spanish-speakers call them bolis — and advocated for the pineapple flavor.

There was even more conflict when it came to the best flavor. A brief survey of the answers seems to find that blue and purple are the most coveted, with red and pink not far behind. The people who love orange and green are very serious about it, though.

One thing’s for sure, though: everyone loves them and they’re a staple of summer... whatever you might call them.