From The Confessional: ‘I Hate Birthday Parties’

32 parents tell us how they really feel.

by Emma Coburn
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Once upon a time, your weekends were probably filled with grown-up things like date nights, trips to the movies, or casual hangouts with your friends. Fast-forward a few years... and now weekends are for birthday parties. Lots and lots of birthday parties. Whether you love overdoing it for your kids, feel like you’re getting buried under junk from goodie bags, or are among the steadfast few who have managed to resist getting caught up in the whirlwind thus far, you can probably find someone who agrees with you in the roundup of confessions below.

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I hate birthday parties. It just feels like an excuse/obligation to exchange cheap plastic crap.

Confessional #76168383

No more party favors. Just stop.

Confessional #76928832

I’ve spent so much money on my baby’s 1st birthday and the hubby doesn’t know

Confessional #76453627

I hate that my kids are all born in winter. I envy garden/park birthday parties

Confessional #75263621

They are super hard because my child has food allergies

Confessional #78239932

Stressful and basically an “Arms Race”

Confessional #78239231

Love that my kids’ birthdays are on Holidays, it’s perfect excuse not to have parties w/ guests

Confessional #71238821

We don’t buy our kids birthday gifts, just pay for their parties instead!

Confessional #78129934

My son has never had a birthday party thanks to covid

Confessional #79912837

I’m doing all the planning, following up, ordering, EVERYTHING! This is why I don’t enjoy bdays.

Confessional #71093812

I think birthday parties for kids under 5 or 6 is completely idiotic. Waste of money!

Confessional #78912281

I’m judging you if you expect me to stay and you don’t have food & drinks

Confessional #79938123

I tripped @ 8 y.o’s CROWDED party, & kept “stumbling” another 30 ft til I finally took out a whole table 😆

Confessional #72382391

I have 3 kids all with birthdays within a month. We do one party and always will 🤣 

Confessional #72364823

I have never thrown my kids a party - it’s too much work (They are 4 & 6)

Confessional #74439021

My mom overdid our bdays and it’s the highlight of my childhood. I overdo them now.

Confessional #78998764

So stressful keeping up with bday party trends. Dont want to invite whole class to an event.

Confessional #73526632

I spend way too much to impress others instead of making sure my LO has fun 😔 

Confessional #71292912

I’m worried that no one will show up.

Confessional #74556432

Parents who bring siblings without being invited are the actual worst

Confession #78293129

Why do people make a big deal and go over the top when the kids won’t remember

Confessional #72831292

I donate the toys I hate immediately before my kid can see them. I hate junk toys

Confessional #72129344

I hate going and I hate hosting

Confessional #78239234

Can we just stop having them on Saturdays and Sundays! My weekends are gone.

Confessional #78239930

I think huge kids parties are helping build a generation of entitled a**holes.

Confessional #74635483

I hate that people can’t bother to RSVP. Don’t care either way but just tell me YES/NO!!

Confessional #78239884

I always hope less than half the kids show up. Who needs that kind of chaos?

Confessional #72388942

I refuse to do goodie bags, like bro I just paid to entertain you for 3 hours and fed you get out of my face!

Confessional #78839292

I wish the other parents would leave. You make me nervous. Go enjoy an hour off.

Confessional #78829932

You work hard and spend money so everyone can have fun but you

Confessional #78826732

There is too much pressure these days, to give them an extravagant event!

Confessional #72930349

I hate them with every fiber of my being. The “influencers” ruined it.

Confessional #79923817

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