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From The Confessional: ‘I Don’t Take My Kids On Vacation’

Relaxing getaway? Not so much...

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Happy New Year! If you’re just getting back to the grind after a family trip, chances are you’re feeling... like you could use a real vacation. A few readers who submitted anonymous confessions about traveling with the whole family had positive things to say — but most of them were of the opinion that “vacation” with kids is more of the usual craziness, just in a different, usually less convenient location. Here are 28 people’s honest thoughts about trips with the fam.

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It’s not a vacation, it’s a work trip.

Confessional #82365463

Nightmare sharing room with 3yo. Rather be at home.

Confessional #88327382

Husband is more of a PIA than the kids 🤣 

Confessional #89090475

being around smug team no-kid relatives makes me want to scream

Confessional #82546273

I feel punished for having a family of 5. Hotels are a joke. Family passes are for 4. WTH!

Confessional #81092839

We are one and done, and seeing families with multiples on vacation gives me anxiety

Confessional #87543627

I wish we’d stayed home because it was AWFUL, but we did it for my parents who paid.

Confessional #87849586

Same work- or maybe more!- different location & not familiar where anything is!

Confessional #80293847

I’d rather take a vacation by myself

Confessional #89987647

So much work for me! I get jealous seeing my hubby relax while I wrangle the kids

Confessional #87849586

The finest resort still feels like camping when kids are in tow.

Confessional #87654631

Kids ruin every fam vacation. Someone is always unhappy with the plan - ALWAYS

Confessional #81192834

As a single mom, my kids keep me company on vacation, I’m grateful even if it can be tiring.

Confessional #89987465

I’d rather go on a trip with my girlfriends than anyone I’m related to.

Confessional #84565647

I’m like the family travel agent who also goes on the trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Confessional #81384723

Vacationed with husband, in-laws and 2 kids. Felt like I had 5 kids.

Confessional #87264736

We love them! And the kids love them more than they like getting gifts 🙌 

Confessional #83434526

It would be more of a vacation if my family just went without me and I stayed home in silence

Confessional #80965473

I’d rather leave my husband at home and just go with my kids

Confessional #89402938

It’s not really a “vacation” it’s just watching your children in a different location

Confessional #88756347

I’m a SAHM and vacations feel more like a job I didn’t know I was applying for. I work the entire time

Confessional #86647382

Never get a room near or above the pool area. You’ll be swimming 24/7.

Confessional #85546473

I “accidentally” booked myself a seat a few rows away from my family on a flight.

Confessional #89356748

I don’t take my kids on vacation because it’s too stressful for all parties involved.

Confessional #82663747

It is not a vacation, it’s a trip! Same *hit different place

Confessional #88989675

Hate them, dread them, always force fake happiness so much that it’s so exhausting! 😅

Confessional #81218928

I refuse to go with in-laws overnight

Confessional #89927365

We call them type B fun. Not necessarily fun at the time, but is a happy memory 🤷🏻‍♀️

Confessional #81920938