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From The Confessional: ‘I Only Go To The Parties I Know The Hot Dad Will Be Attending’

26 people share what they’re really thinking about at holiday parties this year.

by Emma Coburn
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When you see that holiday party invite pop up in your inbox, do you feel excited? Annoyed? Or just curious about whether The Hot Dad’s going to be there? Whether you’re looking forward to getting dressed up and leaving the kids with a babysitter, or dreading everything except the snacks, you’ll probably find some of your people in this week’s confessional roundup: holiday party edition. Cheers!

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This will be my first year attending a work party solo after divorce. I’m terrified.

Confessional #78860499

Hoping they all get cancelled so we can recreate the intimacy of Xmas 2020

Confessional #72849394

Eating a gummy prior to guests arriving so I can deal !

Confessional #76658483

Avoiding! Our big family Christmas party got cancelled and I couldn’t be happier!

Confessional #79458581

I wish we got a holiday party at work. I’m always jealous of the kid free time others get!

Confessional #78885842

I like the parties. I hate how they think you need to drink if they are. Don’t need to drink to have fun.

Confessional #78699094

I want to be invited but I don’t want to go.

Confessional #77759942

I’m dreading all of them, even the ones w/good friends.

Confessional #78922341

I hate white elephant gifting

Confessional #78696584

I would rather stay home with my children then house hop to see family!

Confessional #78889201

You could not pay me enough to attend a holiday party while my children are young.

Confessional #78599463

I hooked up with my boss’ son at our Xmas party. He’s 10 years younger than me...

Confessional #72457343

I’m scared my husbands coworkers will make fun of my weight behind my back.

Confessional #78823657

I only go to the parties I know The Hot Dad will be attending

Confessional #76539094

My kids have a 7pm bedtime, and I love that it gives me an excuse to duck out early

Confessional #74453631

Thrilled to get sick this year and miss.

Confessional #76593401

I’m 100% there for the snacks only.

Confessional #73599422

I usually don’t want to be there.

Confessional #76657741

we only go to get my husband’s bonus check

Confessional #73892213

I don’t want to go! Am over-peopled right now

Confessional #77528819

Every year during prep for my holiday party I say I’m NEVER doing this again

Confessional #77887832

I’m afraid nobody will show up and we’ll waste a bunch of food.

Confessional #78594923

I will make up any excuse I can to avoid my office holiday party.

Confessional #76658492

I’m so tired of being the one who has to coordinate literally everything for friend groups

Confessional #78294952

I love using my toddler to leave early. Sometimes I’ll even make her whine

Confessional #75899603

Not in the holiday mood. Don’t want to go anywhere or do anything.

Confessional #75699234

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