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From The Confessional: 'I Want Two Weeks In My House By Myself!!!'

19 parents get real about the overwhelming mental load

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

On any given day, parents may make hundreds of decisions. There are the big ones, like whether to take a new job or which school to send the kids to next year, and little ones, like which water bottle to pack in tomorrow’s backpack and what to serve for snack. (Although if you’re currently parenting a toddler, you know that both those “little” choices are actually big, too.) When you’re the default parent, this “decision fatigue” plus a sense of endless responsibility can cause your mental load to feel overwhelming. This week, 19 parents vent about what it’s like to feel like everything is on your shoulders.

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I hate having to do everything in the morning to get myself and the kids out to school and work on time.

Confessional #81900293

I feel like I have four children. I only have one. The others are my parents and husband.

Confessional #81029938

I want 2 weeks in my house by myself!!! Just completely alone.

Confessional #89129938

I’m so over thinking about everyone’s needs before mine.

Confessional #81773828

The mental load I’m expected to carry causes my work to suffer bc of decision fatigue

Confessional #87299283

I’m so tired but I feel so obligated to keep going/doing

Confessional #81928827

Dad thinks he’s tired....he doesn’t understand how much extra mental burden is on mom.

Confessional #89929883

I’m so sick of my husband treating being a SAHM like it’s not work

Confessional #82019928

My mind literally never stops. I am always planning, anticipating needs and helping.

Confessional #81992093

I contemplate divorce because I’d have one less person&their schedule to keep track of

Confessional #89078937

God I effing hate doing bedtime. It’s been 12 years of bedtimes!!! As Samuel L says, “Go the F to sleep!”

I feel crappy but have no time to workout/get ready. I see no way to put myself first ever.

Confessional #81922019

I had no idea you could feel so alone while never actually being alone.

Confessional #89919283

Could punch my husband when he whines about “me time” while I can’t even pee alone.

Confessional #81920924

tired of being the baby expert, but also struggle w/the way partner does things

Confessional #81099289

Single full time mom . No family support . It can be so freekin hard doing it all being it all 24/7

Sometimes I’m so exhausted I put her in the playpen and MsRachel saves the day

Confessional #81032938

I hate the mental list and not having a husband interested in sharing it

Confessional #81092882

My kids are in their late 30’ never ends

Confessional #81992093