From The Confessional: ‘I Despise My MIL’

23 parents sound off on the families they married into

by Emma Coburn
Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Getty Images

Most people seem a little more comfortable venting publicly about their in-laws than their own families. So you can imagine they have even more to say when the venue is anonymous. While the theme of most of these confessions is wanting to avoid phone/IRL contact with in-laws at all costs, that’s not all people have to say about their family-members-by-marriage. Here are 23 anonymous complaints about people’s in-laws shared with the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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The best thing about the pandemic is that it’s kept my in laws away which is good for my mental health

Confessional #4950231

We currently aren’t speaking to my in-laws and I’m ok if we never do again

Confessional #8294775

I worry my husband is becoming more of a jerk as he ages like my FIL

Confessional #9502931

Staying at work longer than I have to this week bc MIL is in town

Confessional #5792385

I ignore my MIL calls.

Confessional #43081245

I blocked my FIL’s phone number

Confessional #1294093

I’m already thinking of how I can get out of visiting my in laws over the holidays

Confessional #64809129

My SIL is a manipulative jerk

Confessional #27498129

My mother in law almost ruined my marriage.

Confessional #34034918

My MIL doesn’t like me... and I’m ok with it.

Confessional #74594020

I would be beyond thrilled if I never had to see/interact with my in-laws ever again

Confessional #75938124

I wish my MIL never visits. She gives me anxiety.

Confessional #5449315

I am my mother in law. And she was not a good mother

Confessional #4340926

My in laws are driving me literally crazy with their messy lives!

Confessional #4909366

Just returned to work from mat leave and my MIL decided to come to town this weekend. F* off, lady.

Confsssional #9590231

I’m really worried my MIL is starting to have some mental decline, but no one else has really said anything

Confessional #6909232

Having Covid means my in laws can’t visit, and that makes me super happy!

Confessional #58354926

I’m dreading having the relationship with my son that my husband has with his mom

Confessional #5960452

I hate my MIL’s nickname for my toddler

Confessional #45739486

My future ex-SIL is a witch.

Confessional #5894586

I despise my MIL. She has been nothing but toxic & awful since day 1

Confesional #8459037

My MIL is getting remarried and I hope she takes his last name so my kids don’t have the same last name

Confessional #3495034

I dont answer my ex MIL when she calls cause I found out she talked sh%t about me with other people.

Confessional #47593419