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From The Confessional: ‘I Dream Of Running Away From It All’

17 readers share their anonymous thoughts on the endless work of motherhood.

by Emma Coburn
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Every mom’s plate looks different, but every mom has a lot on her plate. Whether your family just got the latest stomach bug, you recently invited grandma to move in with you or you’re sick of cleaning up after the dog... it’s always something. And when you’re sick yourself on top of it all, having to “mom it up” anyway (to quote a reader) is just the disgusting, snot-covered cherry on top. Here’s what 17 moms had to vent about this week in the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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I fear I will never sleep again. It’s been 11 months

Confessional #69120492

I wish I can be sick and be sick without having to mom it up too. Why do dads get to “rest”?

Confessional #61257148

I’m exhausted. I don’t want my kids to touch me but I love their hugs.

Confessional #67193847

How hard a one year old can be. I need all the help in the world.

Confessional #66127849

I hate taking care of my kid when she’s sick. I get so annoyed. Feel guilty about it.

Confessional #67198465

I regret letting my mom move into our house. It is like I have a 3rd child

Confessional #61849940

COVID has made it so when you need help the most, when the kids are sick, noone is willing to help

Confessional #61092547

I dream of running away from it all. Kids, husband, work...

Confessional #66778126

I screamed in the fridge this morning because my toddler was going crazy

Confessional #60298837

I love my kids but hate who I’ve become since being a mom. I miss the old me.

Confessional #61009284

Our society doesn’t support parenthood but is the most critical of parents.

Confessional #61948266

Would absolutely love the chance to get my hair done, room service & night to myself

Confessional #69154637

I’m a teacher. I’m so exhausted of giving so much to my students and so much less to my own small kids

Confessional #60989028

If someone in my house gets sick again, I’m going to crack! Stomach bug just hit... I can’t

Confessional #61749982

I want my kids to play with their toys, but I don’t want to play with them.

Confessional #64792388

I hate being the only one to clean up everyone’s messes around the house. Plus the dog!

Confessional #60887726

Sometimes I ask my mom to watch my son so I can watch Netflix uninterrupted

Confessional #61876574

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