From the Confessional: What We Resolve To Do (And Not Do) In The New Year

Cheers to 2023!

by Emma Coburn
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Another year in the books... and a new one just getting started. We all probably have hopes and dreams for the new year (no more formula or kids’ medicine shortages? a girl can dream!) — but some of us have made specific goals, too. Here are 16 that readers shared with the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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I make goals, no resolutions. Usually how many books I want to read!

Confessional #85674938

Reestablish boundaries: my sister and co can f*ck off

Confessional #86579929

It will NOT be anything to do with diet culture, that’s for sure!!

Confessional #80123387

I hate resolutions. I never make them. I try to just be the best person I can be every year.

Confessional #89902930

I’m getting my boobs lifted in January. I resolve to flaunt it!!

Confessional #87738902

I’m resolving to be less judgy of others and try to stop comparing myself so much

Confessional #89028492

Start sticking up for myself more especially to my MIL and not wait for my husband to do it

Confessional #85763747

I want to be more present

Confessional #82749840

One day a month for me! - massage, nails, girls day, etc

Confessional #88990938

No resolutions! I don’t make them. If you want to change your life do it NOW, not on 1/1.

Confessional #87729389

I wish I could make resolutions for everyone else that they had to follow!

Confessional #87647492

To spend less time volunteering so I can have more quality time with my kids!

Confessional #86749248

To leave my husband

Confessional #81098749

F*ck it. If I was gonna be better, I would have done it by now.

Confessional #84759384

To forgive myself more. To realize that I’m doing the best I can.

Confessional #85645452

I have the same one every year since kids - survive. That’s it.

Confessional #83773922

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