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From The Confessional: The Truth About Your Parents

15 readers share how they really feel about the people who raised them

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

You see the flowery tributes from friends, acquaintances, and influencers on social media every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: posts about the world’s best moms and dads, singing the praises of the previous generation. It’s far less common to read an uncensored critique of that same generation, even though you may hear it behind closed doors from people you’re really close to. So without futher ado, here are 15 confessions about people’s own parents and families — most of which are pretty brutal, but as I said... there’s a reason you’re not reading them on Facebook!

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I wish i could move away from my narcissistic mom.

Confessional #5976138

My mother moved in with us and it us driving me insane. She constantly argues with my 7yr olds.

Confessional #850191

I’m terrified of if I’ll be a good new mother or if I’ll repeat bad generational habits

Confessional #3349024

Having children opened up old wounds and makes me not want to speak to my Mom.

Confessional #6628302

I wish my disabled Mom would find someone else to care for her so I can put my kids first

Confessional #7590381

My mom living with us makes having our first baby 100 times harder than being alone.

Confessional #8893129

I have rage dreams about my dysfunctional family of origin.

Confessional #856491

My MIL and Mom make me feel less than

Confessional #580592

I am still mad that neither one of our parents will take the kids overnight. It’s been 4 years.

Confessional #7548805

I wish my mom understood that it wasn’t just that she lost her husband, but I lost my dad, too

Confessional #5793486

Being a nurturing mother is hard. I was not nurtured as a child and it feels very forced. 100% worth it.

Confessional #586982

My baby shower was just a show for my mother to feel involved, and it was a disaster. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Confessional #3323819

The last thing I want is to be compared to my mother

Confessional #7580239

I’m so afraid my daughter is going to grow up and resent me like I did with my mom

Confessional #44371902

Jealous of the life Ive built for my daughter and angry my mom wouldn’t do it for me

Confessional #4579238