From The Confessional: Pregnancy Edition

14 moms and moms-to-be share their secret thoughts about being pregnant.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

No two people feel the same way about being pregnant. And one person can even have totally different feelings about two different pregnancies — or wildly varied thoughts and emotions over the course of just one. These pregnancy-related submissions to the Scary Mommy Confessional run the gamut from deep fear to overwhelming relief and excitement... and there’s even a little humor thrown in, too.

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I hate pregnancy this second time around. It seems so much harder than with my 1st

Confessional #49059537

I’m scared of having postpartum depression and rage. Due in 4 weeks

Confessional #49052924

I really hated being pregnant

Confessional #59053491

I accidentally peed on DH the other night. 39 weeks pregnant with #3 and coughing fits.... He took it like a champ. I love him.

Confessional #2148803

DD wished on her birthday cake to have a baby sister, and after 30 cycles of trying I'm finally pregnant!! That girl is magic!!!

Confessional #5693309

I’m pregnant and I’m really scared, I’m 19

Confessional #8535315

After a few days of impossibly faint (almost optical illusion) lines on pregnancy tests, I can finally say I'm most def pregnant. Can't tell any friends till I tell DH. Can't tell him till Friday. So I'm telling y'all. I'm not built for secrets!

Confessional #3715438

In a dark depressive episode early pregnancy, planned parenthood helped me seek treatment so I felt well enough to keep the (twin) babies. Without them, not sure any of us 3 would be here today.

Confessional #2255503

Early pregnancy and constantly anxious because my rights as a person are pending Nov election

Confessional #85392912

I AM FINALLY PREGNANT!!!!! I am so so so happy.


6 months pregnant (on purpose) with #3 and wondering if this was a mistake

Confessional #4895313

I hide my pregnacy til I was 7 months along just cuz my husband said he wasnt ready.

Confessional #25870995

Just wanted to share some good news with you guys..I feel like you are all my damn friends. I’m pregnant after having an ectopic and losing half of my tube back in July. The baby is alive and well..I’m so happy!!!

Confessional #25764605

I intentionally waited until my husband was taking a swallow of his coffee before I blurted out "I'm pregnant!" Immature of me, but the resultant spewing of coffee and sputtering from him were HIGHLY entertaining.

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