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From The Confessional: ‘I’d Rather Sleep Than Have Sex’

The honest truth about sex after kids, from 29 anonymous parents.

by Emma Coburn
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Whether sex now is worse than before you became a parent or it’s never been better, chances are something about it has changed along the way. Which may be why when it comes to sex, people sure have a lot to share with the Scary Mommy Confessional. Some readers get really honest about particularly hot or awkward moments in the bedroom... while others share about years-long dry spells — wanted or not. In honor of Scary Mommy’s Sex Issue, here are 29 juicy new confessions about what’s going on (or not, as the case may be) when the lights go out.

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I resent my hubs for putting all sex initiation on me. Like I don’t have enought to do/on my mind.

Confessional #89227361

I’d rather masturbate in the shower than have Sex with my husband

Confessional #82293825

My husband loves our sex life but I find it too routine.

Confessional #81294092

I’d rather sleep than have sex.

Confessional #81005935

I feel like I’ve had all the sex I need in this life. Can I be done now?

Confessional #89275642

I fantasize about gagging my husband and dominating him, he’d never guess I think about it

Confessional #82748488

I hate sex and it’s one more thing I have to do for someone else.

Confessional #81376492

My husband has no libido and I’m horny as f*ckkk, it’s killing our marriage

Confessional #89120948

Love my husband, but I really miss his 23 year old d!ck. His 43 year old one isn’t the same

Confessional #87645512

We have a 6yo but are mostly asexual; The kind of shade I get when I say that to people is 😒 

Confessional #87126631

It’s become a chore I complete as quickly as possible so I can go to sleep

Confessional #89366453

Sometimes I have to watch lesbian porn to get in the mood. Im straight!

Confessional #87998763

Since baby 5 I have 0 interest in sex. SO doesn’t understand at all

Confessional #89117283

I have chronic pain, zero sex drive, afraid my husband is going to cheat

Confessional #81002938

After our first born we had a 2 YEAR dry spell. Literally wanted nothing going up there

Confessional #88273884

I wish more men understood that doing your fair share and listening are aphrodisiacs

Confessional #82736645

It’s not as good as it was before the baby... I’m afraid it never will be

Confessional #81731129

I don’t like sex with my husband it’s boring and I can’t say what I really want to do

Confessional #81989916

I avoid sex with my partner because he’s so bad at it.

Confessional #81772827

I’ve been having an affair with a coworker on and off for 7+ years.

Confessional #81299203

I haven’t had sex with my husband in 3 years and I’m not sad about it. I hate sex!

Confessional #81294873

Having the best sex of my life post 40. Right person right time I guess

Confessional #89992837

I once farted when a guy was down on me. Clearly it ended

Confessional #82657756

I’m so bored in my marriage I’m having fantasy play with a friend...

Confessional #88740129

I have zero sex drive and it’s becoming a problem in my marriage.

Confessional #87659876

I don’t know how people keep having sex with their spouse forever. I’m all set thanks.

Confessional #82759984

Sometimes sex feels like another job to get through in the day

Confessional #89940341

H loves foreplay but it does nothing for me. Can we just get this done please?

Confessional #89675849

After 15 yrs of marriage, we started changing things up and we’re having so much fun!

Confessional #89120948

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