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From The Confessional: ‘Love My Husband, But Hate Any Kind Of Sex’

You’re either having it, not having it, not having enough of it... or wishing you could have it with different people.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Certain topics just inspire a lot more confessions than others. And perhaps not surprisingly, sex is one of them. Whether they’re having it, not having it, not having enough of it, or wishing they could have it with different people, these 22 readers shared their anonymous thoughts about their sex lives with the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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My husband and I are separated but still hooking up. He sneaks out before sunrise.

Confessional #490583491

Married but been having sensual/flirty dreams about a coworker 🙈

Confessional #49358341

Love my husband but hate any kind of sex

Confessional #49034534

I’d rather watch Netflix and sleep than have sex with my husband

Confessional #7795904

I don’t want to divorce my husband...but I don’t want to have sex with him either.

Confessional #48395841

I wish I could have casual sex with strangers. My sex drive is so much higher than my husband’s.

Confessional #5896845

I really desperately need to get laid. I’ve been single for over a year 😑 😭 

Confessional #7495849

I think I want an open marriage...

Confessional #64795842

I fantasize sleeping with my colleagues because they don’t know the home life stress

Confessional #7695863

My husband’s vasectomy has revived our sex life 🔥 

Confessional #34478935

I’m scared the difference in our libidos will cause us to divorce. Asexual vs hypersexual.

Confessional #5893851

Hubs & I finally getting a weekend away to Vegas sans kids. Ready for all the $exXx!!

Confessional #23898841

I started an onlyfans account because my husband hasnt touched me in a year.

Confessional #4905391

I want my partner to desire me more and have sex together more. Things have been one sided for too long.

Confessional #6589358

My husband thinks i’m not sexually attracted to him after having a baby. i’m just tired!!

Confessional #6893854

I have a 8 month old. I’m so worried as to why I have very little sex drive.

Confessional #7945894

I debate telling my husband he can have an affair just so he stops asking for sex all the time

Confessional #59059324

I hate sex with a fiery passion. It’s been YEARS and my marriage is suffering

Confessional #46598934

Since kids I always feel like I have to shower before sex... anyone else?

Confessional #5948541

Dont fancy having sex with the husband anymore.. dreaming about affairs ;(

Confessional #87569801

I’ve been having intimate dreams about my ex a lot

Confessional #45954341

Sex is great. I just have next to zero desire 99% of the time.

Confessional #6458948