From The Confessional: ‘I Can’t Even Tell Where One Sickness Ends And Another Begins’

Dispatches from the depths of sick season.

by Emma Coburn
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If you have kids — especially small ones — in any kind of school, daycare, nanny share, or other program right now, you know: this sick season isn’t for the faint of heart. Between Covid, hand foot and mouth disease, RSV, the flu, stomach bugs, and regular old colds... it’s exhausting at best, and downright scary at worst. Here, 35 parents tell the Scary Mommy Confessional how they’re really feeling about all the coughing, snot, screen time, missed work days, and hours spent at urgent care.

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i have had at least 1 sick kid in my house since halloween. and i’m about ready to looooose it.

Confessional #85398531

I’m terrified they’ll end up in hospital again and there’s no beds 😭

Confessional #89006758

Teacher here: the work to take a sick day is insane (for myself or child) and so stressful

Confessional #87522939

The only way we are surviving this sick season with 3 kids is with me not working.

Confessional #81182302

My ex always sends them to me sick then b*tches at me for them missing school. So frustrating

Confessional #88859454

If you take your sick toddler to the playground, you suck. They can still infect others outside.

Confessional #86740594

I’d rather have all my kids get sick than have my husband get a “man cold”

Confessional #87964583

We have Covid but I’m afraid to say the word because I’m afraid we’ll be blamed for it???

Confessional #86740594

I wish my husband would stay home more with our sick kid but I have more sick days

Confessional #84804582

Tv is your mommy now. Two sick kids and no help.

Confessional #89057743

Bluey and uncrustables on REPEAT

Confessional #89059123

How am I supposed to have a full time job when my kids are home sick every other week?

Confessional #884777495

My husband becomes useless when he gets the “man flu” and I get angry when he’s sick

Confessional #84594458

Wishing for an overnight in the hospital to get a break from my kids so I can get well

Confessional #80999458

I got fired for taking time off to be with my sick daughter. Well worth it!

Confessional #88545944

Waaaay too much TV, but I really love the excuse to take it easy!

Confessional #89658503

I resent my spouse for being able to actually rest when he’s sick. I never get a break

Confessional #89674582

I hope my medically fragile child doesn’t die from a cold my other kids bring in.

Confessional #84590459

I spend the entire day paranoid that I’ll get in trouble with work for calling out.

Confessional #83543812

Hand foot and mouth followed by all 3 kids getting RSV during 3 weeks back to back

Confessional #89589461

Pretty positive the school nurse has me on speed dial. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Confessional #89384956

It is a revolving door of sickness with 3 kids in three different schools

Confessional #83958230

I’m a teacher so I’m the one bringing it home to my babies - so much mom guilt behind that 😅

Confessional #87669954

Sick days are always on the mom. Thus, mom always gets sick.

Confessional #85671123

Baby with RSV. Stressed, sleepless, and big siblings are getting sick of screen time.

Confessional #87696954

Spent 6 hrs in urgent care - 2 kids, ear infections & pink eye Insurance doesn’t want to cover the meds 😭

Confessional #88755545

My sil and bil always bring their sick kids to the holidays and it stresses me out

Confessional #89005674

Going on week 3 of the flu moving through our house, I can’t see the light at the end of all the coughing

Confessional #82355621

Heartbreaking to see them down and out when the fever rises

Confessional #87764909

Turns out you won’t get better when you can’t rest and have to take care of a sick kid too.

Confessional #86734533

F*ck school attendance policies! The school is the f*cking reason my kid is always sick.

Confessional #87634349

I wish I could be sick when my kids and husband aren’t so I could get a break

Confessional #89645824

My anxiety is so bad when my kiddo is sick, it makes it SO much worse.

Confessional #80359341

I can’t even tell where one sickness ends and another begins 🥴

Confessional #87463564

If you took care of sick kids today, you did a great job. This is a season. Hug and love them

Confessional #85740594

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