From The Confessional: ‘I’m So Tired...’

So... so... tired.

by Emma Coburn
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There’s the kind of tired that comes from not getting enough sleep; it’s safe to say that pretty much all parents have that kind. But there’s also the kind of tired that comes from general parenting, household responsibilities, societal expectations, feeling touched-out... and everything else you might have on your plate. This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, 12 parents share about what’s making them really, really, really tired.

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I’m so tired from mentally carrying all the weight of the family.

Confessional #4569923

I am so $&@% tired of nothing happening in my home unless I orchestrate it and follow up.

Confessional #49382738

Tempted to plan a work trip to get a break from kids/husband. I’m exhausted beyond repair.

Confessional #46273020

Dealing with my kid’s mental health makes me so tired 😪 

Confessional #47263546

I’m so tired of all the sports on top of a full time stressful job and being a single parent!

Confessional #42378840

Exhausted from always being the default parent

Confessional #458273324

My 12.5yo old is EXHAUSTING. I’ve been fighting this child since he was born. I fear we will never get along and he will forever resent me.

Confessional #47388493

I just need a break!

Confessional #45748938

I need a break from my hubs and kids or I might lose it

Confessional #45834495

All I want for my birthday is a getaway far away from my family.

Confessional #448393993

Everything feels like a chore.

Confessional #463883894

Tired of my mom giving me advice on how to raise my son

Confessional #42363774

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