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From The Confessional: The Truth About Other People's Kids

What 15 parents really think about their friends’ — or strangers’ — offspring

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

If you thought that everyone became a “kid person” after having kids of their own (and you haven’t been disabused of that notion yet), allow the following confessions to set you straight. Sure, some people definitely are kid people — cooing over babies, joking around with preschoolers, bonding naturally with teens, or all of the above — but others clearly like their own kids, and theirs alone. Hey, there’s no law saying you need to love spending time with other people’s children... luckily for these folks.

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My best friend’s kid is SUCH AN A**HOLE

Confessional #5948602

I hate the kids who are mean to my kids. I sometimes glare at them until they notice.

Confessional #5906945

I hate that people assume that because you’re a mom you want to talk about their kids

Confessional #5904591

I can’t stand one of my daughter’s friends & avoid playdates at all costs (they’re 7!)

Confessional #7584923

My best mom friend’s kids are annoying AF

Confessional #85730419

I think my baby is cuter than all the other babies

Confessional #8694342

I never hold any of my friend's babies when we all get together. I think their kids are f*cking gross.

Confessional #1312260

I constantly compare my parenting and my child to other parents and kids 🤦‍♀️​

Confessional #4628376

I hate my husband’s best friend’s kids 🙈

Confessional #68459935

Just made a sleepover guest go home cause I found out they were being mean online to another girl… I am winning no popularity contest anytime soon, but I won't allow my kids to act like an a**hole

Confessional #6752160

Hate updates photos and videos of my friends kids in the group text

Confessional #45934589

I hate it when neighbor kids ring the doorbell

Confessional #49238912

My best friends kid is a jerk

Confessional #58968313

I don’t like other kids only mine

Confessional #4509435

I think every kid that isn’t mine is a piece of 💩

Confessional #7856508