From The Confessional: ‘I Resent My Husband For Getting Better Sleep Than Me’

Just 26 anonymous confessions about sleep... or lack thereof.

by Emma Coburn
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Sure, parenting during the day is hard... but parenting at night is a whole different story. Notice we said “parenting at night,” not “sleeping,” because, well... for a lot of us, there’s not so much sleeping going on. From newborns who need to eat around the clock, to toddlers who don’t want to sleep alone, to spouses who seem to magically sleep through all the crying and complaining... there’s a lot to talk about, and it’s all here in the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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What is sleep? I have a vague recollection of what that means

Confessional #62378910

My baby keeping me up at night turns me into a terrible human being.

Confessional #62378829

My husband complains of sleep deprivation when babes are up once... I get so angry

Confessional #67594301

I want sleep more than I want sex.

Confessional #62799992

I was so relieved when we could move him to his own room

Confessional #61256488

I told my toddler it was the middle of the night and showed her it was dark. It was 6 AM.

Confessional #69938372

Sleep deprived to the point I’ve fantasized about divorce solely to sleep on weekends

Confessional #61290032

I hate the sleep deprivation with a newborn and how long it takes to get back to regular sleep.

Confessional #61289910

If I’m not actually up w/ a kid I’m just worrying about the next time I’ll be up w/ a kid

Confessional #67829912

I wish my husband didn’t sleep so deeply - feels like I’m always the one up during the night

Confessional #62783908

Surgery last week=3 days to nap undisturbed. When can I get the next surgery???

Confessional #69809876

I get anxiety just thinking about going to sleep knowing I’m only going to get broken sleep

Confessional #65846645

I haven’t slept a whole night through since I had my first child 16 years ago.

Confessional #62390012

Newborn phase was ok bc I knew it’d end. Toddler sleep’s a fresh hell that feels forver.

Confessional #64839920

I get my best sleep when I have a heating pad on my chest and audio porn in my headphones

Confessional #61279903

Why is it ok for me not to sleep at all and nothing is expected of my husband at night?

Confessional #61259903

I really just want to sleep with no one touching me...

Confessional #60957384

1st was infant, he peed all over me but he had just fallen asleep and I was so tired so we just slept in pee

Confessional #69484594

I let them all sleep in my room so nighttime goes faster.

Confessional #68957849

I want to sleep ALONE everyday forever.

Confessional #69478593

I pretend to be asleep when the baby wakes up so my hubs can get up instead of me

Confessional #61005938

I resent my husband for getting better sleep than me.

Confessional #69940384

I stay up too late in the night just so I can have time to myself

Confessional #62177819

I ❤️ when my kids sleep w/us because I know they will stop wanting to soon. Hubby hates it

Confessional #65449837

The worst part about getting up in the night with kids is that my husband doesn’t do it

Confessional #68694503

My kids are 16-25 and I still lose sleep over them.

Confessional #69849403

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