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TikTok Is Obsessed With The Grocery Girl Trend — Here Are 15 Home Items to Get the Fruity Fiesta Started

Don’t toss out your Tomato Girl Summer decor just yet!

Grocery Girl Fall is the latest TikTok trend inspiring home decor items.
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Don’t be shocked if you see grocery-themed decor sitting front and center at your local home goods stores this fall. While ‘tis the season for pumpkins, scarecrows, and spooky decor, you may notice your fellow shoppers placing a lemon art print or apple-shaped cutting board in their carts. It’s not a cause for panic. You haven’t teleported back to the beginning of summer. This is the work of TikTok’s latest trend: Grocery Girl Fall.

The supermarket aesthetic, which has amassed over 657 million views on TikTok, sees people decorating their homes with decor inspired by fruits, veggies, and condiments. You may recall a similar trend called “Tomato Girl Summer,” which peaked during the warmer months and encouraged folks to light tomato-scented candles, make tomato salads, and wear the fruit’s vibrant hue. Well, the trend has since expanded to include a variety of produce and even condiments!

From citrus illustrations and cheese-shaped candles (oh yeah, we went there) to reusable grocery bags with a dual purpose and ranch wall art, this wacky list of eccentric supermarket decor will help you nail the Grocery Girl Fall trend in no time.

1. Lemon Harvest Art Print

Are you ready to squeeze the day? Nothing brightens a kitchen or breakfast nook quite like a bunch of vibrant lemons. A feel-good illustration through and through, it's available in five different size options, and you can shop other similar art prints (oranges! limes! and grapefruits!) on the illustrator’s page.

2. “You Had Me At Pickles” Tote Bag

Show off your affinity for pickles with this pickle lover's tote bag. It's made from premium canvas-like material that is double-stitched to ensure your fruits and veggies stay safe and snug during transport.

3. Blue Sky Clayworks 4-Pack Lemon Valley Dinner Plates

These artisanal ceramic plants are so gorgeous — forget licking them clean; you’ll want to keep them on display all year long. On the bright side, if you do decide to use them to serve food, they’re both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

4. Hand Painted Ceramic Fruit and Vegetable Coasters

If you aren’t ready to jump into the Grocery Girl Fall trend with both feet, opt for a fruit or veggie decor piece that is more subtle to the naked eye, such as a coaster. Coasters aren’t meant to make a statement. They’re usually being used, aka hidden, but still get the job done.

5. Funny Gardner Soy Wax Candle

So you love tomatoes? Then you definitely need this hilarious tomato soy wax candle, and before you ask, no, it doesn’t smell like a tomato garden. Customers can choose from five scents: Apple Harvest, Cinnamon Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Sea Salt + Orchard, and White Sage + Lavender.

6. 3-Piece Wall Art Fruit Botanical Prints

For only $10, you can get a trio of French-inspired fruit botanical prints of lemons, oranges, and peaches. The prints are 8x10 inches and come unframed, so you can pick whatever color, material, and matting fits best with your aesthetic.

7. Rockflowerpaper Reusable Grocery Bags

One can never have too many reusable grocery bags. Exhibit A: This polyester bag is extra roomy, can hold up to 50 pounds, and can be zipped shut! Plus, it’s machine washable, and you can scrunch it into a ball for packing/storing purposes.

8. 6-Piece Modern Minimalist Flower and Fruit Wall Art

If you’ve been bitten by the green thumb, a gallery of flower and fruit illustrations could be a perfect way to incorporate the Grocery Girl Fall trend into your current botanical aesthetic. These 8x10 prints also come unframed and are meant to be displayed vertically.

9. Yonchic Get Naked Bathroom Rug

Slipping while stepping out of the shower won’t be an issue here, thanks to the Yonchic Get Naked Bathroom Rug’s non-slip backing. The flip side of the mat is made with soft-as-cloud microfibers that are thickly woven to absorb water.

10. 2-Pack Imagine Color Extra Large Grocery Burlap Bags

While one of the key takeaways of Grocery Girl Fall is to flourish in color, the trend can also feel a bit flashy to those who prefer neutrals. Introducing a burlap bag with a grocery design such as this one is an easy way to lean into the trend without being blatantly obvious.

11. Set of 4 Folkulture Fruity Fiesta Kitchen Towels with Hanging Loop

The name of these tea towels says it all! Each set comes with two fruity fiesta-themed towels as well as a pair of robin blue and white patterned clothes to help accent.

12. 2-Pack Cheese-Shaped Scented Candles

Take your charcuterie board to new tasty heights with these adorable teeny-tiny cheese-shaped candles. They’re made from a blend of soy wax and essential oils.

13. 4-Pack Strawberry-Shaped Scented Candles

Do you have some fruit to go with that cheese? When these carefully molded candles melt, it looks like you've taken a bite out of a juicy strawberry.

14. Whistling Strawberry Tea Kettle

This stainless steel strawberry teapot is on par with the fruity fiesta and strawberry theme. It can hold 2.3 quarts of liquid, though the retailer has other sizes (and fruits!) available, too. All you need is strawberry tea cups and saucers to match.

15. Ranch Dressing Art Print

Condiments are a vital part of the Grocery Girl Fall trend, so it only seems fitting that you also hang this ranch bottle illustration in your kitchen. Better yet, strategically place it so that it’s in the background of all your ZOOM meetings! That will get your coworkers talking.